Grantchester Recap: Episode Two

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Grantchester Recap: Episode Two
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Grantchester” Season 1 Episode 1 “Episode Two” aired on Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on PBS. In this episode, after attending Amanda Kendall’s (Morven Christie) engagement dinner with his sister and several old friends, Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) investigated the disappearance of Amanda’s engagement ring and the murder of one of their friends, Lillian Calthorpe (Carolina Main). Meanwhile, Grantchester gained a new addition to their staff with Mr. Leonard Finch (Al Weaver). This episode was based on James Runcie’s “Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death.” Read on for further details.

The young Anglican vicar, Sidney Chambers (James Norton), was interrupted in his gardening duties by his housekeeper, Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones). She informed him that his sister, Jeniffer “Jen” Chambers (Fiona Button) was waiting for him inside. Inside, she convinced him to go with her and her boyfriend, Johnny Johnson (Ukweli Roach), to Amanda Kendall’s (Morven Christie) engagement dinner. It was even though she wasn’t fond of meeting up with her old schoolmates.

As soon as he arrived, Amanda, who saw him, was surprised that he had come. He had not replied to her invitation. Inside, while they drank, the girls, in particular, Daphne Young (Pippa Nixon) remembered that they used to have a crush on Sidney. He used to always pick up Jen from school. Therefore, they had all gotten disappointed when he became a priest. Because of this, William Calthorpe (Henry Hadden-Patton) then joked around that either becoming a priest or getting into politics was disappointing.

Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen), Amanda’s fiancé then came out with fireworks and introduced himself to Sidney. He also told him that Amanda had told him that among her friends. Sidney was the one whom he had to impress the most.

At the dinner table, Daphne noticed that Sidney drank a lot. Since he had no problems with women, she assumed that he drank in order to forget things that had happened in the war. She also mentioned that she had a “lodger” who was “looking for work as a curate.”

Jen then mentioned that Johnny ran a jazz club in London. Several famous acts have already played there, and others were to follow, such as Gloria Dee. However, Amanda’s father, Sir Edward Kendall (Pip Torrens) quickly changed the subject and asked William how his father was doing. After talking about how his father might go to Cambridge, Lillian Calthorpe (Carolina Main), William’s wife, and another old schoolmate of Jen’s and Amanda’s. He told them that “Sweet William” always did what his father wanted. Afterwards, and awkward pause followed, in which Sidney remembered that Lillian had been calling William the same name just outside the dining room. However, Sir Edward quickly diverted the awkwardness by engaging William in more conversation.

After dinner, the entire dinner went out to the lawn in order to watch the fireworks. During this time, Sidney drank some more and noticed that Lillian and William were arguing with each other. After a while, Sidney asked Amanda, who had come up beside him, why she was marrying Guy. She then told him that she was marrying Guy because “he asked.” He told him that he “shouldn’t have come.”

Later, in the living room, they all admired Amanda’s ring, which she gave to Jen to look at. She mentioning that the ring once belonged to Guy’s mother. Lillian reminded Jen of the dress that her mother had made her before for a dance. It brought back bad memories for Jen, as the dress had been made out of flannel. It had caused even the boy she had asked out to tease her for it. Jen upset stood up. Because of this, Johnny deliberately spilled champagne on Lillian. Lillian then refused William’s help and announced that she was “tired of pretending” and began to say something. However, she was interrupted by Daphne, who had noticed that the ring was missing. Guy and Sir Edward immediately blamed Johnny. It was after he turned out his pockets, they discovered that he did not have it on him.

The next morning, a conflicted Sidney broke the record that he was playing. However, he was interrupted in his thoughts by Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green). He informed him William had reported Lillian missing and that they had found her body in the river. However, after looking at the body, both Geordie and Sidney concluded that Lillian had been murdered. They also discovered that her rings were missing; her necklace, which had been used to strangle her, was missing. She had hit the back of her neck on something hard.

After Lillian’s funeral service, Daphne gave Sidney a copy of the Cambridge Journal of Psychology and recommended that he read a particular article. He introduced him to her lodger, Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) who wanted to be a curate. Inside the church, Leonard revealed to Sidney that he had finished his studies. He was looking forward to having a parish of his own someday. Afterwards, Sidney asked him about Daphne. He discovered that she had been tipsy when she got home the other night and received love poetry from a lover.

Sidney then went to Amanda’s house with Geordie in order to question them all about what had happened the night before. They all accused Johnny of stealing the engagement ring, and of killing Lillian because he was not like them. According to William, Lillian had gone out that night in order “to get some air.” According to their housemaid, Edna, William had gone to bed after having a scotch. Geordie also discovered that William and Lillian had gotten married after a year. They all resented Lillian for being a bully. Geordie also discovered that Jen, “the scholarship girl,” had gotten most of it from Lillian before. Regarding the ring, they discovered that from Jen. It had gone to Daphne, who had passed it on to Lillian, before Johnny spilled the champagne on her.

At their favorite pub, while drinking beer and playing backgammon, Geordie expressed how frustrated he was at the “gentry.” Yhey spoke and did things with “such entitled ease” as they easily accused Johnny of committing both crimes. However, even if Johnny had had priors in burglary before, Sidney did not believe that Johnny had killed Lillian. Geordie then was surprised to learn that not even Sidney was considered as “one of them.” As Geordie went to get them more beer, Sidney wondered out loud if they did have a problem with alcohol. Later that day, he read the article that that Daphne had given to him to read. It was entitled “Alcohol Consumption in the Post-War Male” while drinking scotch while taking a bath.

Afterwards, Amanda came to visit to greet him a “Happy Birthday.” She revealed to him that she believed that Guy’s ring was cursed. It was because she had left it with them she walked out on Guy’s family. She then began to confide in Sidney that she was afraid that she would not make a good wife. However, they were interrupted by Jen. They told them that Guy was fighting and accusing Johnny of murdering Lillian and of stealing the ring. After looking through his bag, they arrested him, as they found Lillian’s jewelry there. Because of this, in the hopes of creating a solid alibi for him, Jen admitted that she had been with Johnny the night that Lillian had died, as she had slept with him that night.

At the police station, Sidney reassured Johnny that he believed in him, and told him that he would help him out by solving the case. He then surprised Sidney by saying, “God Bless you”, as he was the first person since Sidney’s ordination to tell him that.

Back to Amanda’s house, Sir Edward mentioned to him that Amanda was lucky to have Guy. Sidney then mentioned that he had observed that she did not seem to be very happy “for someone so lucky.” Sir Edward then threw it back to him. She told him that she would be more unhappy if the “marriage didn’t go ahead.” She told him that he was sure that Sidney had seen that happen before. He then excused himself and told him that he knew that he would not be seeing Sidney around that often anymore.

Back at home, while eating lunch, Mrs. Maguire took the beer away from Sidney. She was surprised that Mrs. Maguire was making fruitcake for the Archdeacon. She then began to pray for Sidney. She prayed that he would remove his books from the floor so that she could clean the floor underneath the carpet. Because of this, Sidney abandoned his lunch and ran to Geordie. He had remembered William saying that “he was in between carpets” at the dinner.

He and Geordie then reenacted Lillian’s murder at the bridge. It revealed that she could not have been murdered at the bridge. There would be “no point of impact” which would cause her neck injury as she would have only hit the water. This meant that she had murdered somewhere else. She would have to have hit something hard to cause her to die. He then brought Geordie to William’s house, where they learned that Edna, the housemaid, had been lying to them. They discovered that Sidney’s hunch had been right. Lillian had fallen on one of the steps of their stairs, which, upon removing the rug, revealed blood stains. They then arrested William. He revealed to them that they had fought and that Lillian’s death had been an accident. However, he did not steal Amanda’s engagement ring.

Afterwards, Jen visited Johnny in his cell. There, he was told that since the engagement ring was missing. Sir Edward was still pressing charges against him. This caused Jen to fuss all over Johnny and called him by her pet name for him “Teddy Bear.” Because of this, Sidney remembered that Lillian had called William “Sweet William” twice that night.

He then biked over to Amanda’s house, where he found the ring. He then enlisted Leonard’s help to get into Daphne’s study without her knowing. However, they were interrupted by Daphne, who had come back early.

Back at the police station, they told her that they knew that she had stolen the ring in order to interrupt Lillian’s announcement. Lillian had been about to announce that she had known that William and Daphne were having an affair with each other. She had mentioned “Sweet William” twice, in order to let Daphne know that she had known about it. Sidney had put two and two together after discovering that the love letters that Daphne had been getting were signed by “Sweet William.” Afterwards, they correctly guessed that Daphne had gone to William’s house to confront Lillian. After fighting with each other, Daphne had dealt the fatal push. Afterwards, both Daphne and William had thrown Lillian’s body over the bridge. They planted Lillian’s jewelry in Johnny’s bag. Sidney also revealed that he had discovered that she had hidden the ring in “the last place people would look”- in a flashlight.

Afterwards, when he came home, Sidney was surprised by Mrs. Maguire, Jen and Johnny. They greeted him with a birthday cake. Mrs. Maguire then revealed that her birthday present to him was Leonard. She had convinced the Archdeacon, with her fruit cake, to allow Leonard to be part of their vicarage. Sidney would have someone to watch his back for him. Geordie then came with some wine. Amanda came over and gave him a picture of where he liked to take walks in Grantchester. He then gave her back her ring and told reassured her that she would make a great wife.

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