Gravity Falls Recap: Northwest Mansion Mystery

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
Gravity Falls Recap: Northwest Mansion Mystery
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“Gravity Falls” Season 2 Episode 10 “Northwest Mansion Mystery” aired on Feb. 16, 2015 on Disney Channel. The Northwest family enlisted Dipper’s help to get rid of a ghost before the annual grand event takes place. Read on to learn more about this episode.

While preparing for the biggest event of the year, the Northwest family was being haunted. Pacifica’s father told her to find Dipper and bring him to the manor to get rid of the ghost. At home, Dipper was surprised to see Pacifica. Pacifica told him about the situation, but Dipper refused to help until Mabel tried to convince him in exchange of coming to the party, to which Pacifica agreed.

It was truly a festive occasion as the townsfolks were camping at the gates just to get a glimpse of the famous people coming inside. When Dipper got in, Pacifica accompanied him to a room where there was an image of a lumberman with an ax on his head. Dipper prepared his gadgets when the ghost suddenly came to life. Pacifica and Dipper ran for their lives while searching for the solution to stop the ghost. It turned out that they need to trap the ghost using a silver mirror. When it’s done, the Northwest family thanked Dipper, and he went on to exorcise the mirror.

In the woods, the ghost revealed to Dipper what really happened to him. A 150 years ago, the Northwest family commissioned some people to build their manor, which will hold a grand event annually and will also be open to the townsfolk. However, the Northwest family did not fulfill their promise. They prohibited common people from attending the event, and only the famous personalities were invited.

As the lumberman stood at the gates, heavy rain came and caused a flood. He was submerged into it when an ax, out of nowhere, hit his head. He cursed the Northwest family that after 150 years, he will come back. The curse will only be lifted if one of the family will let the townsfolk attend the grand event. Dipper suddenly realized that the Northwest knew how the curse will be reversed but enlisted his help instead so they will not have to deal with the people of Gravity Falls. Unfortunately, the ghost managed to get out of the mirror and went back to the mansion. He turned every one into wood and was going to burn the mansion. Dipper found Pacifica hiding in a secret room. Pacifica showed Dipper that her family was a fraud, had some shady dealings in the past. Dipper convinced Pacifica that she can still do better by allowing the townsfolk to come into the party, which she did despite her parents’ disapproval.

The curse was lifted and everyone enjoyed the party.

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