‘Gravity Falls’ Rumors: Stanford Back? Think Again!

By Jerone Cruz | 2 years ago
‘Gravity Falls’ Rumors: Stanford Back? Think Again!
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“Gravity Falls” Season 2 is on its last two episodes, according to the current list. Given that the show is on its last pair of legs before it goes off, for a time hopefully, do you think that the rumored death in the series is already fulfilled? Is Mayor Befufflefumper the character  Alex Hirsch, the creator of “Gravity Falls,” was referring to when he posted on twitter that someone was going to be pushing up daisies before season 2 ends or is that post intended for someone else?

WARNING: this post contains spoilers for the “Gravity Falls” series. If you don’t want to be spoiled kindly leave the page and choose another article from our website.

In the “Stanchurian Candidate,” a number of requirements were stated before a person could run for mayor in “Gravity Falls.” If you can remember the requirements for running mayor, then you know that one of the requirements for being a candidate was “casting a shadow,” as mentioned in Gravity Falls Conspiracies. Though most of us can take it quite figuratively and say that it is a phrase referring to a person’s power to influence others, the nature of the show can always make us think otherwise.

Before we delve in deeper into thought, let us do a summary of the plot so we could understand why the said requirement holds such significance in the overall story of “Gravity Falls.” The story revolves around the town electing a new mayor after Befufflefumper went six feet under. At first Bud Gleeful got the townfolks’ approval for immediately being mayor without contest. However, Stanley Pines objected to the proposition and a number of townsfolk, along with Stanley, ran for mayor.

Given that a number of people ran for mayor you might be wondering why Stanford Pines didn’t ran himself. A ton of reason can be said as to why he didn’t, like he couldn’t be bothered by politics or that he’s keeping his identity hidden, but there is one specific reason why he can’t.

If you’ve been observant, in the very beginning of the show you would see Stanford fixing a broken light bulb. In this scene, when Ford finally placed a new bulb, you’ll notice that compared to Dipper, Mabel, and Soos, Ford didn’t cast any shadow.

Remember the requirement about having a shadow? It’s not that Stanford doesn’t want to run, it’s because he can’t. Given the situation, this does not just question Stanford’s eligibility to run as major but also his eligibility to be considered as human.

Why doesn’t Stanford cast a shadow? Is he still human? Does Bill Cipher have a shadow too? Tell us what you think by commenting below, we would love to hear your opinion about it.

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