‘Gravity Falls’ Season 2 Update: Grunkle Stan Dying This Season?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Gravity Falls’ Season 2 Update: Grunkle Stan Dying This Season?
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It’s official- Weirdmageddon is happening on “Gravity Falls” Season 2 and Alex Hirsch, the creator of the Disney animation, said that Episode 18 of Season 2 is just the start of everything. This means that things are bound to get even stranger than ever… and it looks like one of the Pines family is going to die this season. Read On!

Hirsch took to his Twitter account months ago to confirm that a major “Gravity Falls” character will be saying goodbye this season. Fans have started wondering who would that be since then and things are starting to clear up after Episode 18 aired, which implies that the major character that Hirsch was talking about is one of the Pines. In fact, it looks like only one member of the Pines family will live!

Could it be Grunkle Stan? Well, fans are actually thinking about this already. This may be because every thing of Stan has been destroyed in a fire. He also said something about death, “Kids, if I die make sure I get a bigger tombstone than Ford’s!”


However, Stan hasn’t been seen ever since he ran off in Episode 18 and it’s a bit off because he has always shown great concern for the kids. Hirsch cleared things up about this and said: “As was revealed in the first episode of the season, “Scary-oke,” Grunkle Stan is aware of magic, mystery, chaos, and weirdness and doesn’t exactly care for it. So when the apocalypse happens, to Grunkle Stan it’s less of a reality bending shock and more of a frustrating hassle, which comes with it, concerns about the characters her cares about. I cannot say when, where, or how we’ll see Stan again.”

There are also some speculations that Dipper is the one who’s going to die but this is very unlikely because he is the protagonist of” Gravity Falls!” If they kill Dipper, the show will end and it looks like a Season 3 is sealed for the Disney XD animation.

So, who do you think will meet their end this season on “Gravity Falls?” Let us know by posting your comments below!

Photo source: Facebook/Gravity Falls

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