Gravity Falls Season 3: Alex Hirsch Hints Upcoming Series!

By Chan Lasan | 2 years ago
Gravity Falls Season 3: Alex Hirsch Hints Upcoming Series!
Gravity Falls Season 3

Gravity Falls Season 3 had an amazing treat from its series creator Alex Hirsch. He declared that fans who still celebrate the show would be rewarded.

Alex Hirsch has announced this matter regarding Gravity Falls Season 3 in an interview. Hirsch is known as the creator of the said animated series. In the past few weeks that went by, he proved how genius his creation was as it becomes one of the most talked about series, globally.

The 31-year-old creator of Gravity Falls Season 3 organized an unofficial fan tribute. It immediately became a phenomenon and called as the world’s biggest and coolest scavenger hunt. Of course, the entire event was for the fans of Gravity Falls.

Alex Hirsch began this global hunt last July 21, 2016 when he tweeted a cryptic message for fans to decode, Chatt Sports Net reported. After that, he unveiled that the statue of Bill Cipher in Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls was true. And then it caused a worldwide treasure hunt to happen.

Meanwhile, after 13 days, avid fans of Gravity Falls Season 3 decoded the cryptic message given by Hirsch. They have solved the puzzles that brought them to the said statue in Reedsport, Oregon. According to Hirsch, his gratitude to the fans led him in creating the said event.

On the other hand, Disney was not affiliated with the recently conducted Gravity Falls Hunt. Moreover, after the fans felt the hyped again, they are wondering if when the next sequel, Gravity Falls Season 3, will definitely return.

Alex Hirsch has hinted that he has been waiting for eight months to shot an image of him with real life Bill statue. And now, he self-proclaimed that he is great at keeping secrets like what he presently works on. Fans speculated that what he meant by that are preparations for Gravity Falls Season 3.

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Photo Source: Twitter | Alex Hirsch

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