Green Lantern Corps: Reasons Why Ryan Reynolds Should Play Hal Jordan Again

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Green Lantern Corps: Reasons Why Ryan Reynolds Should Play Hal Jordan Again
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Green Lantern Corps is currently being written, focusing on two Lanterns for the lead role. With Hal Jordan and John Stewart all set to star in it, the studio is trying to get the right actor for the roles.

As far as John Stewart is concerned, the studio is yet to decide on an actor, but for the role of Hal Jordan, there is a shortlist ready. Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds, Armie Hammer, Tom Cruise and others are in the shortlist and out of these stars, Ryan should be the one who should come back to play the role.

Here is why Ryan should be given another opportunity to play Green Lantern.


Even though Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern is considered to be one of the worst superhero movies ever made, Ryan still has experience in playing the superhero when compared to the other actors in the list.

This would enable him to understand what is required of the character. With an origin story being done again for the DCEU, Ryan will also have an opportunity to redeem himself in the same role that almost ended his career.

The whole reason the movie did not work was because its script was not too strong and it was obviously rushed. Despite that, he tried his best to play the Emerald Knight of the DC universe.


Ryan beat out Bradley Cooper and many others in the role for Hal Jordan and some part of it could be because of his incredibly good looks. While it is talent and not looks that are important, being good looking is still useful when it comes to roles like this.

After the debacle of the first Lantern movie, Ryan’s looks have only improved and he has also aged gracefully.

Second chance

The studio must have some kind of plan in mind when they put Ryan’s name in the shortlist of actors. Considering this, he does deserve a second chance at playing the role and perhaps even emerge as a victor.

Many would believe his career got a second chance with Deadpool. After the success of the movie, he has become one of the most desirable actors in Hollywood.

Taking cues from this, if he gets to play Green Lantern again, he will have the chance to remove all the negativity of his previous portrayal has carried till now. Also, with him successfully taking on the role of Hal Jordan again, he will be able to team up with other DC heroes and deliver a successful Avengers-esque movie.


According to some reports, the makers are looking for an older Hal Jordan and a younger John Stewart. So with an older Hal existing in the DC universe, his job will be to train John and turn him into a battle hardened veteran like him.

Ryan is currently 40, which puts him at the right age to play an older Hal. Since DC is also taking a lighter path for their upcoming movies, Ryan could inject some of his precious humor while he plays Lantern and maybe even make references to his past adventure in Green Lantern.


If he nails the role of Green Lantern this time around, he will have an opportunity to play the role in more potential movies. With more movies being made, more and more stories from the Green Lantern comics will be adapted and in the process, it will consolidate another iconic role for the actor.

So if Ryan can find a way to keep his role as Deadpool and play Green Lantern in DCEU, he could become one of those actors who was able to successfully juggle two roles.

The Wrap reported that DC Entertainment is targeting one of the six actors in their shortlist for the role of Hal in Green Lantern Corps. Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, Armie Hammer, Bradley Cooper and others are on the shortlist.

It remains to be seen which actor will be chosen to play the role of Hal Jordan. Green Lantern Corps does not have a release date yet.


Photo source: Facebook/Green Lantern (Movie)

Facebook/Green Lantern (Movie)

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