‘Green Lantern’ Reboot Will Focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Green Lantern’ Reboot Will Focus on Hal Jordan and John Stewart

We all know that 2011’s “Green Lantern” was a major disappointment. It lacked the story, the acting and at the end it was a huge blow for the fans as well as the studios. But now Warner Bros., has put all the marvelous characters from the “Green Lantern” but the reboot of the film is not coming out until 2020. Read on.

While we expect that the character from the “Green Lantern” will have a nice slot in either “Justice League 1” or “Justice League 2,” the studio is now in proper mood to take a radical approach when it will to the solo movie of “Green Lantern.”

One should not run ahead of time as the “Green Lantern” movie is still in development and there are a lot of things that can change the course of time. But as far as the reports are concerned, the new “Green Lantern” movie will focus on more than one “Green Lantern” this time as there are plenty of “Green Lanterns” across the universe.

In “Green Lantern” comics, Hal Jordan is one of the most charismatic Lanterns ever created by the DC. Hal Jordan served as a pilot for the Air Force and after that he was chosen by Abin Sabur for Green Lantern Corps. to oversee Sector 2814

One of the most popular “Green Lantern” of all time is Hal Jordan, the main character of the 2011 movie. But Guy Gardner and John Stewart later followed Hal but they both they both weren’t the last “Green Lanterns” in the comics, so there are chances that they both will join Hal Jordan in the reboot film which is slated to get released in 2020

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