Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Spoilers: Derek Cheated On Meredith In Episode 17 ‘With Or Without You’

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Spoilers: Derek Cheated On Meredith In Episode 17 ‘With Or Without You’
Grey’s Anatomy

In an all new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11, one question bothers everyone’s mind, including Meredith: Is Derek cheating? Keep reading to find out the spoilers in the episode 17, “With Or Without You.”

Everyone is bothered as much as Merideth as she seems to be also suspicious in their already brittle relationship. In “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11, episode 17 “With or Without You”, Derek comes back to explain his side of why a woman answered his phone when Meredith called that night. However, spoilers from IB Times revealed that Merideth seems to be more interested in her husband’s excuses than his explanations.

In the attempt to explain his side to why a woman answered his phone, he said that he left his phone in the lab and by the time he figured out that he left it, he was already at the airport. But Meredith is interested more on why a woman would randomly answer Derek’s phone in a perky manner and hang up on her.

Derek responds “I don’t know, she probably thought it was me. I called her from the airport, and then she told me she spoke to you.”

However, Meredith remains dubious and asked if that’s everything Derek needed to say.

Derek firmly claimed that there is nothing more. But Merideth confronts him about the mysterious woman “And she’s your research fellow. Just your research fellow, I wish I could believe you, I know how this works. I was your resident once. Seems like you came home because you thought you were in trouble.” She hard heartedly tells Direk.

Derek answers calmly saying “I came home because we’re in trouble,” revealing that he did not take the flight and went home because he wanted to save their marriage.

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 11, episode 17 “With or Without You” episode airs this Thursday, March 26 at 8PM E.T on ABC.

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