‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12, Episode 17 Spoilers: Wilmer Valderrama’s Kyle Diaz Gets Flirty With Stephanie

By Hannah Marfil | 2 years ago
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12, Episode 17 Spoilers: Wilmer Valderrama’s Kyle Diaz Gets Flirty With Stephanie
Grey’s Anatomy

Drama and romance are just two of the many elements set to heat up season 12 of ABC’s hit medical series “Grey’s Anatomy.” Latest spoiler news for the show’s upcoming episode 17 hint at a possible new romance between a doctor and a patient.

In episode 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 12, the show will feature guest star Wilmer Valderrama as a musician who will be admitted to Grey Sloan Medical Hospital. The official episode synopsis posted on ABC’s website stated that Valderrama’s character Kyle Diaz is a multiple sclerosis patient. Kyle would be sent to the hospital because of a tremor in his hand.

The teaser video for the said upcoming episode titled “I Wear the Face” shared on YouTube by Television Promos also showed Valderrama’s character Kyle trying to charm some of the doctors. In the clip, Kyle meets Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), Penny (Samantha Sloyan) and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton). The three ladies appear to have walked in on Kyle while he was strumming a tune on his guitar. The next scene also displayed Kyle’s charming side as he complimented the three pretty doctors. “Why are all the doctors in this hospital so hot?” Valderrama’s Kyle stated in the trailer.

However, the musician also appear to be interested in one of his three doctors. A scene in the teaser video showed Kyle flirting with Stephanie. “That’ll be one hell of a first date,” he told her in the clip. It is still unclear if Stephanie will fall for his charms, but a quick shot in the promo video showed her shaking her head at him.

It would be interesting to see how Stephanie’s potential new romance arc with Kyle will play out. Fans would have to look forward to future spoiler news or episodes of the series. Valderrama has signed a multiple episode deal for season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” according to Variety.

Elsewhere in the upcoming episode 17, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) who made a self-discovery that she was not yet ready to start a new relationship in the previous episode, will witness a tense encounter between Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Nathan (Martin Henderson). The confrontation will happen inside an ambulance while the three doctors would be on their way to pick up a heart for a transplant patient.

Other exciting events in the upcoming episode include the residents applying for the Preminger Grant. Meanwhile, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April’s (Sarah Drew) lives will also see some further complications in the form of Catherine (Debbie Allen). Catherine would be trying to meddle in her son Jackson and April’s affairs against her husband Richard’s (James Pickens Jr.) wishes.

Episode 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy” season 12 will air on April 7 on ABC.


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