‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: What Will Happen To Meredith, Jo-Alex and April-Jackson In ‘Sledgehammer’ Episode?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: What Will Happen To Meredith, Jo-Alex and April-Jackson In ‘Sledgehammer’ Episode?
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Another unexpected turn of events? What’s in store for Meredith, Jo-Alex and April-Jackson in “Greys Anatomy” Season 12 “Sledgehammer.”

The premiere episode of the next season of ABC’s “Greys’s Anatomy” is just around the corner and it appears like,its first episode entitled “Sledgehammer” will focus on the relationship of the doctors working at the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. What’s the creator of the show is planning? Are we going to be heartbroken or not?

In a report by International Business Times, though the title along with a photo featuring the call sheet for the first episode was revealed not long ago, it did not reveal any other information that could give us ideas of what’s in store for our beloved doctor’s in Season 12.

However, there have been rumors that the actress who plays the role of Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo will soon be leaving the show after season 12. Neither the actress nor the show runner Shonda Rhimes has commented about this rumor, but several reports note that the 45-year-old actress does not want to extend her contract after this upcoming season. This report led some speculations that Rhimes might kill her character in Season 12.

But before the [rumored] killing part, Meredith will be having a another love interest in the form of Martin Henderson.

Henderson was reported to enter the longtime medical drama as a new doctor and a potential new love interest of Meredith.

It was rumored that Henderson could be the new male lead since Patrick Dempsey’s character, Derek, is already dead. He died in a car accident, leaving the poor Meredith with three young children. This led to speculations that Henderson’s character will fill the missing pieces in Meredith’s life—he will help her to manage her professional and personal life.

On the other hand, fans will finally see if April will give up her marriage to be an Army doctor or not.

Meanwhile, while other’s are having difficulties –Jo and Alex now happily moving out of Meredith’s old house to start living their own life. What we need to wait is, if this couple will be engaged in the upcoming season 12.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 12 “Sledgehammer” episode is set to premiere this coming September 24.

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