Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams welcomes his baby girl Sadie into the world

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Jesse Williams, who plays Dr. Avery in the hit series, Grey’s Anatomy, is a new father! The star along with his wife Aryn Drake Lee has very recently welcomed his beautiful daughter Sadie in to the world. US Weekly had already broken the news about the couple’s expectation early in October 2013.

Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake Lee
The new parents have named their little bundle of joy, Sadie. Sadie was born in early December.

Jesse Williams met with his (now) wife, back when he was a school teacher in New York. From obvious looks, Jesse has now successfully become a famed star in the Hollywood industry and his 33-year-old wife, Aryn is a real estate broker.

The couple later tied the knot in Los Angeles in September 2012 after dating for more than five years. The couple celebrated the upcoming birth of their little girl with a baby shower in Brooklyn on Sept. 29.

Williams is best known and recognized for his TV Drama.

Source: Us Weekly

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