Grimm Season 5 : The Cast Reveals Spoilers at Comic Con

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Grimm Season 5 : The Cast Reveals Spoilers at Comic Con

The Occult Police Procedural Drama ‘Grimm’ is already into its fifth season. While Fans wait with baited breath for the new season, we have the some teasing spoilers to whet your appetite for the fascinating series.

The stars of NBC’s ‘Grimm’ gave away spoilers at the San Diego Comic Con recently, the latinpost reported. They really opened up about what the fans could expect to see in season 5. Many of them claimed that the new season will include the elements from the previous season but will also go off into new directions as the plot for each episode unfolds. As is expected the Nick Burkhardt will struggle with new problems and will pine away for his girlfriend, Juliette, who was killed by Trubel in order to save him.

The viewers will remember that the last season, also known as, the season 4, had abruptly ended on a cliffhanger following Juliette’s death. During the gripping scene, Nick was on the verge of killing Juliette to avenge his mother’s death. However, he was conflicted by his love for Juliette and could not bring himself to kill her. This scene culminated when Trubel stepped in and fired two arrows into Juliette. In the final memorable scene, Nick cradled dying Juliette into his arms and watched her die. The shots were apparently fatal. It was finally revealed that Adalind was pregnant with Nick’s child. The ending was a poignant depiction of balance in the world – the birth of a child following the death of a beloved one.

Series star Bree Turner revealed that the show will revisit ideas that were explored in season one of ‘Grimm.’ “There’s a whole new storyline and a new world about to happen, but then we also revisit Season 1 stuff, so I think the fans will be blown away, but also satisfied.”

Season 5 of “Grimm” will premiere on NBC on Oct. 30.

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