Grimm Season 5: Nick Will Concentrate On Raising Adalind’s Baby

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Grimm Season 5: Nick Will Concentrate On Raising Adalind’s Baby

The fifth season of the ‘Grimm’ is going to go off in a completely new direction what with Nick and Adalind sharing parenting duties towards their infant child.

The plot of the fifth season of the supernatural drama series, ‘Grimm,’ seems to revolve around Nick Burkhardt and his new duties as a parent. As per usual, David Giuntoli will be reprising his role as Nick Burkhardt.

Readers will recall that the last season of ‘Grimm’ ended grimly for Nick, who watched his girlfriend, Juliette die after another Grimm Trubel Rubel shot her. Of course, Juliette Silverton deserved to die after her despicable betrayal, but Nick didn’t have the heart to kill her, so Trubel had to do it for him. Bitsie Tulloch did a marvelous job of portraying Juliette Silverton both as a lover and a betrayer. We wonder if we will see more of her in the next season. It seems rather unlikely that she will show up, now that her character is dead, but the new season might have some flashbacks featuring Juliette and Tulloch may show up then.

The story will obviously revolve around the new child. Nick may have lost everything, but he still has his one ray of hope in the shape of his child with his former nemesis, Adalind Schade. It isn’t much to go on, but Nick must hang on to the precious little that life has given him. David Guintoli told, “Adalind and I have to co-parent, which is going to be so bizarre. He lost his girlfriend, he lost his mom … and the baby is kind of the reason for him to keep going.”

Other actors claimed that Season 5 of ‘Grimm’ will feel a lot like season one where everybody is scheming and getting everybody else into trouble. Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee Calvert in the series, spoke of a “new storyline and a new world” for the upcoming season.

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