Grimm Season 7 Confirmed? Possible Netflix Bidding and Spinoff Excite Fans

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Grimm Season 7 Confirmed? Possible Netflix Bidding and Spinoff Excite Fans
grimm season 7

Hopes for Grimm Season 7 still exist despite reports of Season 6 being the last. News about Netflix bidding for the series and a possible spinoff also kept fans excited. Find out the answers to all of these speculations!

Sources stated that Grimm Season 7 would probably continue but in a different network, Gamenguide reported. Fans started to hope that other platforms such as Netflix would take the series. That meant NBC possibly saying goodbye to the show.

Loyal fans of the series could not accept the possibility of the seventh season’s cancellation. They fearlessly made a petition online to convince NBC to continue the show. However, the network already confirmed the cancellation last August 29. On the other hand, the petition was a hit, successfully collecting signatures reaching at least 14,000 in number.

One of the reasons why Grimm became a hit to viewers is the cultural diversity that is quite rare in television. Fans appreciated the show’s support on women empowerment as well. They hoped for a change in NBC’s decision, but no network managed to withdraw a cancellation announcement yet.

Sadly, not one official announcement has been made yet regarding a change of decision for Grimm Season 7, Netflix bidding or a spinoff. What fans could do in the meantime is to wait for Season 6 instead. The new season premieres next year on January 6.

Grimm follows the story of Nick Burkhardt, a detective in Portland. Suddenly, Nick starts to see weird visions of ordinary people changing into ugly monsters. Turns out, he has inherited the gift or curse of sight for supernatural beings. He ultimately becomes a “Grimm” to keep the balance between humans and mythological creatures. The “Big Bad Wolf” eventually serves as Nick’s partner. His career as a cop is the reason why Nick begins to encounter strange criminals.

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