Grimm Season 7 Release, Updates: Freeform, Other Networks To Renew Series?

By Tanya D. | 2 years ago
Grimm Season 7 Release, Updates: Freeform, Other Networks To Renew Series?
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Grimm Season 7 may happen if other networks renew the series after Season 6. There are reports that Freeform might pick up the show.

The fate of Grimm ever getting a renewal after Season 6 lies on other networks. Fans have already petitioned for TNT, CBS, or Freeform to host the show.  The latter may just be up to it if the recent reports are confirmed.

According to Gamenguide, Freeform might be interested in doing Grimm Season 7. As of date, there are over ten shows under the network. It is the home of some of the TV shows today that has a huge following, including Shadowhunters and Pretty Little Liars.

However, the network has yet to respond to reports that it will pick up the cancelled NBC show. Moreover, it seems unlikely that Freeform will host Grimm Season 7. Airing it on the network would not be at par with the genre and type of the shows currently with Freeform.

It is obvious that Freeform caters to teenagers and young adults. The shows on the network are family-oriented. Freeform, formerly ABC Family, is a TV subsidiary for The Walt Disney Company. This means, the shows must have specific standards for it to air, which includes the use of mild brutality and gore.

Fans of Grimm are fully aware that this does not describe the show. If Freeform hosts the series, then some elements in the show might have to be sacrificed  This move would eventually weaken the element of horror and gore that made Grimm a success all these years.

As it stands, the fate of the show getting a renewal is still slim. NBC already finalized its decision to cancel the series after Season 6. The network even shortened the episodes in the final ran.

Regardless, David Guintolli (Nick Burkhardt) assured that Season 6 ends on a happy note.  Likewise, there will be closure for the characters. Suffice to say, the season does not end with an open-ended question, which could spur towards Grimm Season 7.

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