Ground Floor Recap: Mano-a-Mansfield

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Ground Floor Recap: Mano-a-Mansfield

Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 5 “Mano-a-Mansfield” aired on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. Brody is psyched to start at a new company but learns that his new boss’ plan is not something he’d like to do. Meanwhile, Jenny helps Harvard find a date online. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Brody (Skylar Astin) is excited for his new job, and he dresses up for his first day with matching socks that have dollar signs on them. He’s a new man. A fun man. First day, fresh start. He’s leaving Mansfield behind him.

At his old company, Mansfield (John C. McGinley) is getting cranky. Threepeat (Rene Gube) thinks it’s because he misses Brody and figures he has to step up in his place. He’s going to make Mansfield forget all about Brody. So, he proudly tells the boss that he just made another positive investment, which means more money for the company. Mansfield complements Threepeat by saying he did a good job. But Mansfield just called him “Brody.”

Back at the ground floor, Harvard (Rory Scovel) tells Jenny (Briga Heelan) that he’s basically free to do whatever he wants since they’ve “broken up.” Clearly, he’s still hung up on her. So, Jenny tells him he should do stuff that will help him move on, such as meet people and go on dates. Derrick (James Earl) suggests going on this dating app, to which Harvard eagerly signs up for.

At McCabe Holdings, Brody is greeted by his new boss Jasper (guest star Brent Morin) with a hug. His new workplace is pretty cool. They even have a massage guy named Teemo. McCabe calls him his secret weapon and tells him that they will be stripping Mansfield for parts. He gives Remington Trust six months to exist, and now, Brody is kind of regretting his decision to join him.

Back at Remington, Lindsay (Emily Heller) is also connecting well with Mansfield that Threepeat wonders how she’s able to charm him. She gives him tips, comparing the boss to a predator and the proceeds to show him how.

Harvard downstairs, on the other hand, is getting a lot of dick pics from the dating app. He’s disappointed that he hasn’t found a suitable woman to date yet. Jenny suggests he should put up a profile that makes him more welcoming. So they take another photo on his phone with him smiling comfortably. But Harvard just looks really freaky. Jenny knows just what will make him warm up, though.

Jenny: Hey, did you remember when Brody got fired?

Harvard smiles adorably!

Jenny receives a call from her boyfriend, who tells her that McCabe’s company plans on using him to take down Mansfield. He doesn’t know what he should do.

Threepeat tries the trick that Lindsay shows him to get into Mansfield’s good side; and he panics, fumbles and fails. But then Mansfield realizes he knows nothing about Threepeat, so he invites him to sit down and talk. However, just as that is about to happen, Brody walks in to warn his ex-boss about McCabe’s plan. But Mansfield does not take him seriously.

Mansfield: Go back to your new babysitter and tell him that I’m not afraid him.
Brody: Well, you should be because he has something you don’t have. Me.

Brody tells him he knows everything about Remington Trust and its clients. He has the report ready for McCabe but shows Mansfield this first.

Brody: I’m just giving you a heads-up as a courtesy because we have a history together.

Secretly, Mansfield is kind of impressed by Brody. But when he sees the report, he realizes that Brody may be wanting his job back, or else why would he come over when he can simply email or call him? They argue some more, and Brody points out some of his issues with his ex-boss. He’s quite fired up while talking down to Mansfield.

The big boss concedes. He says he does need Brody, and he gets him to admit Brody wants to come back and work for him. The two hug it out like long lost father and son. Mansfield is enjoying the moment.

Harvard finally gets a date on the site. But when he tells Jenny that she’s a Nigerian princess, the alarm bells went off. Harvard has been catfish-ed and duped! Jenny explains the situation to him and tells him not to give up about finding his mate.

The episode closes with the group welcoming Brody back into the building and Harvard finally striking a conversation with Lindsay.

That’s what happened on “Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 5 “Mano-a-Mansfield,” which aired on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. For more about this TV show, keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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