Ground Floor Recap: The Proposal, Part 1

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Ground Floor Recap: The Proposal, Part 1

Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 9 “The Proposal, Part 1” aired on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. A lot always happens at weddings and it’s no different in this week’s episode, the first of a two-part presentation for the series. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Mansfield’s (John C. McGinley) daughter is getting married in 72 hours at a private island. The big boss is looking forward to flying to the tropical paradise along with the rest of the staff and their plus one. Mansfield sees Brody (Skylar Astin) tapping on wood for good luck, which the boss doesn’t believe in. But then Lindsay (Emily Heller) sees in the news that a volcano just erupted on the island, making it disappear. So much for good luck. Where do they have the wedding now?

At the ground floor, Jenny (Briga Heelan) proudly shows everyone the present she got for Brody’s birthday. It’s a rather expensive pen that Harvard (Rory Scovel) wonders if it writes in dragon’s blood. Jenny visits Brody in his office, but just then, Heather (guest star Anna Camp), his ex-girlfriend, arrives. She’s back at their office after crushing it hard in Hong Kong. She actually had the job Brody was supposed to get. Now, she’s being promoted back to their branch as a partner at the company. Heather did not forget it’s Brody’s birthday soon, so she gives him her gift. It’s the same expensive pen that Jenny got for him. Oops!

Mansfield puts Lindsay in charge of finding a new wedding location. It must have 400 rooms, complete with a world-class entertainment facility and the perfect place for a wedding. Threepeat (Rene Gube) suggests Vegas, but Mansfield wants the lodge in Germany.

Meanwhile, Brody talks to Mansfield about Heather’s current status with the company. The boss confirms would’ve been his post if he actually took the job nine months ago. Brody feels bad about it, but Mansfield gives him a very important job for the next few days. Brody must now make sure that the wedding ring is secure and intact.

Lindsay got word that there’s an avalanche in Germany. It made going to the lodge next to impossible. Threepeat once again suggests Vegas, but the venue is moved to a game reserve in Africa.

Heather sees Jenny looking for presents for Brody online. She suggests checking out his old Myspace page. Jenny prints Brody’s list of 30 Things to do Before Turning 30 from his Myspace, and he realizes that he actually has not done any of it. He has not made partner in the firm, he’s not married, and he has not become part of a boy band, among other things. So, this becomes Jenny’s gift to him. She’s going to help him cross off his bucket list. Except maybe for the “get married” part.

Mansfield learns that there’s a hellish Dr. Seuss situation in the game reserve in Africa, which means that there’s no other choice but to go to Vegas. Threepeat is elated.

At the Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, Mansfield encounters a problem with the wedding preparation, as they are able to book the second best ballroom only. He puts Lindsay in charge of negotiating with a kid celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. They show him a naked woman, so they could get the bigger ballroom for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Derrick (James Earl) is winning at one of the tables at the casino when Harvard jinxes him. He hates the concept of gambling and considers the people who enjoy it greedily. Out of spite, he places bets on the table just to mess with the rest of the players. But he ends up winning $260,000 and got really greedy himself.

Brody is still upset that he hasn’t done anything on his bucket list. But then he spots Heather by herself and it looks like she’s having a nervous breakdown. He realizes that it could happen to him as well, and now he doesn’t feel like such a loser so much. His girlfriend, by the way, gets him to fight with a guy from UFC. One item on the bucket list is now crossed!

Brody and Jenny realize it’s the first year anniversary of when they first met, as it coincides with his birthday. Jenny prepares a small surprise in their hotel room. But as she’s doing this, she finds the ring (Mansfield’s) in Brody’s luggage, thinking that Brody is going to propose. This upsets Jenny. She’s not the marrying kind, remember?

Meanwhile, Heather and Threepeat share a kiss in Vegas. The attraction is undeniable!

That’s the recap for “Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 9 “The Proposal, Part 1” which aired on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. There’s more to this episode next week, in the show’s season finale. Check back to Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly for more.

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