Ground Floor Recap: Wicked Wedding

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Ground Floor Recap: Wicked Wedding

Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 7 “Wicked Wedding” aired on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. Brody introduces Jenny to his love for musicals and asks her to watch “Wicked.” Meanwhile, Mansfield, his wife and Threepeat make wedding preparations for Mansfield’s daughter. Find out what happened below.

Threepeat (Rene Gube) can’t begin to describe how Mansfield (John C. McGinley) is in a very good mood today. Brody (Skylar Astin) can only guess one thing, their boss’ wife is coming to the office. She’s the only one who has that effect on Mansfield.

Abby Mansfield (guest star Emily Rutherford) is at Remington Trust to ask her husband how the wedding preparations are coming along. She had this magical idea to use actual homing pigeons to send the announcements to the wedding guests, and Mansfield has the ground floor people working on it. The power couple cannot believe that their 25-year-old daughter is now getting married, so the preparations are really in full swing. But when Mansfield experiences a hard time picking over different shades of purple for the table setting, he gives the task of planning the wedding to Threepeat, who actually has a knack for this sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Brody drops by his girlfriend’s office to let her know that he scored tickets to the best show ever, the musical play “Wicked.” He wants Jenny to watch the show too and see why he has loved it ever since he was little. Jenny (Briga Heelan) is not that thrilled though. She’s been actually looking forward to going to the Imaginarium. But if “Wicked” is what Brody loves, then she’s sure she’ll love it too.

They turn their attention to the wedding items the ground floor staff are working on, and Jenny casually mentions that while it’s beautiful, she sure is glad she’s not into all that wedding stuff.

Jenny: I don’t think you have to be married to each other to build a life together and do fun things.

Brody is surprised to learn this. But he thinks that if Jenny will learn to love the idea of going to a musical, then maybe she can also change her mind about marriage, right? Only, Jenny falls asleep while watching “Wicked,” which upsets Brody, so he thinks they should watch the musical for a second time.

Meanwhile, Abby is loving how Threepeat is making such an impact on the wedding planning. In fact, they were already able to do so much in three hours, compared to when Abby was doing the planning with her husband for the last three weeks. However, Threepeat slowly realizes that he’s taking precious time away from Mansfield, who should be bonding with his family. Isn’t it bad that his boss is missing out on all these?

So, the next time Mrs. Mansfield asks for his help, Threepeat politely gives Abby an excuse that he cannot do it. Mansfield sees what’s going on and explains to Threepeat that sometimes, there are some things that he simply cannot do with his wife. But he does miss spending time with her, so he changes his mind about helping out with the wedding.

It’s Brody and Jenny’s second night of watching “Wicked,” and this time, she’s prepares to keep herself awake with coffee. But halfway through the show, her drink runs out, so she turns to fiddling on her cell phone to help her not fall asleep. Brody notices this and calls her out for not watching the show. They argue loudly, and the people at the back also argue with them for disrupting the play. Brody is thrown out of the theater, while Jenny is left there to watch the rest of the play. She didn’t stick around though.

At her house, Jenny talks it over with Brody and asks him what the issue is really about. He tells her his problem about Jenny’s take on weddings, and she explains to him that while she’s not that kind of girl who dreams of her big day, it doesn’t mean they can’t be together. Still bothered by this, Brody seeks advice from the big boss, who shows him that even if Jenny isn’t a big fan of musicals, she willingly watched two shows with him. That says something about her love for him, doesn’t it?

Mansfield also tells Brody that her relationship with Abby didn’t start out with a promise of forever. In fact, Abby is a lot like Jenny too. Look how long they have been married to each other? This gives Brody hope that things will change. Later, Brody catches Jenny singing along to a song from “Wicked,” and he falls more in love with her.

Meanwhile, Harvard (Rory Scovel) decides to get a tattoo of Lindsay’s (Emily Heller) face on his arm, but Derrick (James Earl) advises him to remove this, saying it may freak out his girlfriend. They’ve only been together for six days. Harvard realizes Derrick is right and goes back to the tattoo place to have this undone.

But when Lindsay shows him that she also got a tattoo of Harvard’s face on her wrist, her boyfriend goes back to get the tattoos again. By then, his arm is already showing signs of infection, but Lindsay loves it anyway. Derrick is totally wrong about thinking having tattoos is too soon for their relationship!

Only, Lindsay’s tattoos aren’t permanent; they’re designed using henna, while Harvard has to live with his tattoo, which is still bleeding from infection by the way, for the rest of his life.

That’s the recap for “Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 7 “Wicked Wedding,” which aired on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. Keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this show.

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