Ground Floor Spoiler: Space Invaders

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Ground Floor Spoiler: Space Invaders

Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 3 “Space Invaders” will air on Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS. Brody is about to receive his first paycheck as a ground floor worker and has the shock of his life. Find out what will happen in this episode in the details below. But first, here’s a quick run through of what happened in the last episode.

In “Baked & Toasted” (air date: Dec. 16, 2014), Brody (Skylar Astin) tried to get on Mansfield’s (John C. McGinley) good side by showing off what he’s been working on at the ground floor. He should be impressed if he saw that Brody has been doing really great over there. However, Mansfield did not care for this. What he would really like to happen was for someone to give him the best toast on his birthday. Brody used to do this, but since he’s no longer working on the top floor, Threepeat (Rene Gube) was assigned to take over.

Threepeat didn’t know how to deliver the best toast. Then, Brody promised him that he will come by their floor at the right time and he could do the toast himself. So, this was settled.

Back in the ground floor, Harvard (Rovy Scovel) and Derrick (James Earl) were actually the ones to notice that Brody has been doing a marvelous job organizing and streamlining everything. This got them worried, though. They feared that with Brody’s system, they would soon be obsolete and out of a job. So in order to slow Brody down, they gave him pot cookies and even more pot in the coffee.

When it was time for Brody to be at Mansfield’s birthday celebration, as he promised Threepeat, he was too high from the pot to know what he's actually supposed to do. So, he missed it. He remained stuck on the elevator with Lindsay (Emily Heller) the whole time.

The next day, even as he missed the big toast, Brody still gave Mansfield a copy of his speech. The big boss loved it too much that he "hated" Brody for it. But Brody was fine with Mansfield hating him. It was a lot better than not having Mansfield feel anything at all.

Meanwhile, Jenny (Briga Heelan) learned that Lindsay and her go way back. They were schoolmates in high school and Jenny was the mean girl who gave Lindsay a bad nickname. Realizing the mistake she made in her youth, Jenny made it a point to apologize to Lindsay and the two worked it all out.

Spoiler Alert: “Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 3 “Space Invaders” will air on Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS.

It’s payday in the upcoming episode and Brody is about to receive his first paycheck as someone working on the ground floor. When he sees the numbers though, he gets the shock of his life. Brody realizes that he has to downsize and change his lifestyle.

In doing so, he gives up his place and moves into Jenny’s place. But while living together with his girlfriend sounded like a good idea in the beginning, Jenny is actually freaking out. Brody wants to seek advice from his boss, Mansfield, about this as he normally did before. But the big boss made it clear that he’s still not forgiven and that Brody would have to figure this one out by himself.

Meanwhile, Harvard and Derrick will show Brody how they actually make do with their modest paycheck, much to Brody’s amazement.

The episode was directed by Jodi Hahn with Jason Belleville as writer.

So, those are the details for “Ground Floor” Season 2 Episode 3 “Space Invaders” which will air on Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on TBS.

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