Groups Hope Oregon Race Will Affect Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

By admin | 6 years ago

Advocates for medical marijuana have a message for federal prosecutors and Democratic leaders who have an eye for political office: it is best not to mess with marijuana.

Pushing against a federal effort to stop the proliferation of medical marijuana labs, one of the country’s largest groups dealing with drug policy claimed credit on Wednesday for defeating a former prosecutor who had been the favorite in the primary for Democrats for the attorney general in Oregon.

Federal prosecutors have carried out crackdowns in states that legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Dwight Holton, an interim U.S. attorney has called the medical marijuana law in Oregon a train wreck and was in charge of efforts to crackdown on the farms that grow marijuana, saying they were just fronts for the sale of illegal marijuana.

One retired judge, Ellen Rosenblum, when asked about the marijuana farms, said she would make the enforcement of the laws a low priority. She was able to defeat Holton with the help of Drug Policy Alliance, a group that says drug war rhetoric is not acceptable. The group helped with nearly 25% of her total campaign money.

The group hopes that anyone running for a statewide office anywhere in the U.S., in a Democratic Primary will think twice before supporting an aggressive posture against the medical marijuana laws.

Rosenblum has downplayed the marijuana vote’s role in her victory. She defeated Holton 64% to 36% on Tuesday. In Oregon, there are over 55,000 who are registered to use marijuana.

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