GTA Update: Play As Female Cop in ‘GTA 6’; Hulkbuster Ruins Los Santos in New ‘GTA 5’ Mod.

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
GTA Update: Play As Female Cop in ‘GTA 6’; Hulkbuster Ruins Los Santos in New ‘GTA 5’ Mod.

Rockstar Studios have some big plans for “Grand Theft Auto 6” (GTA). Apart from all the murder and mayhem, “GTA” series is best known for unleashing a player into a full-fledged criminal career. But rumor has it Rockstar is going a different way with “GTA 6.” Read on to find out more.

The sixth game in the top-selling GTA franchise might just allow players to choose the side of law-enforcement. Gamers will now be able to play as a cop, and in a rapid u-turn from all previous games  from the franchise, stop crime instead of actively causing it. The franchise has often run into trouble for glorifying violence and a criminal lifestyle and was recently banned from retail stores in Australia. Perhaps that is what precipitated this move on Rockstar’s part, Master Herald reports.

According to the rumors floating around,  we could also be seeing a female protagonist in the six GTA. At least, we very much want to see one. As the game is still in conceptual phases, it is early days yet for any concrete predictions.  

“GTA 6” is expected to be out anytime between 2018-20, with the PC version projected to hit as much as two years behind the console release. So don’t hold your breath yet. In the meantime, “GTA 5” fan JulioNIB has made this fantastic mod on the game with the Iron-Man Hulkbuster suit. Watch the video for Hulkbuster wreaking ridiculous amounts of damage on a totally unsuspecting Los Santos. This is a follow-up to the team’s Iron Man mod, Game Spot is reporting.

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‘GTA 5’ recently hit fifty-four million copies sold, making it fourth best-selling game of all time, right under ‘Minecraft.’There are no updates over the long awaited ‘Story DLC,’ post this Movie News Guide report.

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