‘Guardians 2’ Will Not See Aliens Due To a Hilarious Logic

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Guardians 2’ Will Not See Aliens Due To a Hilarious Logic

“Guardians Vol. 2”, the sequel of “Guardians of Galaxy” will not see Hulk and Captain Marvel. In a recent question-answer session the Guardian maker James Gunn has confirmed that the sequel will not include the two superheroes.

The filmmaker is active on the social networking sights and is popular for sharing the stories and updated insights of his movies. In this aforesaid session of question-answer in twitter, Gunn added other Marvel characters such as Rom Spaceknight, Bat-Mite are very close to his heart, but they also cannot peep into the Guardian movie as the Studio does not own the rights of them. Moreover Gunn had expressed HIS wish to use an ambiguous group of aliens known as the ‘Sneepers’, but Marvel wouldn’t allow it though there is nothing to do with character rights in this case.

On his Facebook page, Gunn revealed a hilarious sexual logic as to why Marvel prevented him in using a name for a certain race. Gunn stated that while writing the script for “Guardians,” he wished to insert the names of the characters as much as possible to make the movie more entertaining for the Marvel Fans. He added that every name he imparted went for a scrutiny at the Marvel legal department. But the main drama started when he intended to build out the extended Marvel cosmic universe. It always been an affliction for him whenever he was restricted to use the names  usually because Fox or Sony or Hasbro or whomever owns the rights. “But today I received a brand new reason for being advised against calling one of the alien species ‘Sneepers’… Sneeper is a word for clitoris in Icelandic.” he concluded.

From a marketing stance, it makes sense that Marvel would feel uneasy about permitting Gunn to use that name: Icelandic audiences would possibly find themselves incredibly uncomfortable to see Lord combating off waves of Sneepers.

It’s definitely a much more interesting set of reasoning than Fox owning the rights. Cinematic Blend reports that Marvel raises the question as to whether it is justified for a studio to intrude in the matter of where to draw the line in a film. Moreover humor has always been a mainstay of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and much of that humor has often effectively pushed the boundaries of good taste.

In some of the previous cases, the names have been changed to respect the audience’s sentiment in particular countries. That would have been a great solution even in this case.

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Photo Source: Guardian/ Official Marvell Website


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