Guess What Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Recently Posted on Instagram; Have They Reunited?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Guess What Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Recently Posted on Instagram; Have They Reunited?
Kaley Cuoco

They were married for just about 21 months; that is  even less than two years.  Actress Kaley Cuoco and her estranged husband, Ryan Sweeting, who is a professional tennis player declared their split in September this year. Well, that does not mean that she is dating Johnny Galecki, her “Big Bang Theory” co-star, does it?

There have been rumors going around that Cuoco and Galecki have managed to rekindle their earlier romance since she broke up with Ryan Sweeting. Both these actors tried to set the record straight when they took to Instagram.

Kaley Cuoco had posted a black and white fist bumping picture on Instagram. The caption of the image said it all. Kaley wrote that though she is sorry to disappoint, but she is not in the mood of wrecking some one’s home or have a secret fling with her co-star. Kaley also clarified in the same caption that she and Johnny Galecki are simply best of buddies.

On the other hand, even Johnny Galecki was quite forthcoming about his feelings as he posted another picture on Instagram that looked like being clicked at the same time. The caption said that there are no pregnancies, scandals, or home wreckers. What they share is simply pure and profound friendship.

These two non-home wrecking buddies whose characters recently got married in “The Big Bang Theory” had apparently dated secretly during the early days of the series for almost two years.

After the divorce news of Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting were made public, there were many who mentioned in social media that perhaps her co-star Johnny Galecki is to be blamed for the split. Since Galecki is an ex-boyfriend of Kaley, there were some reports from the press stating that the duo may have reunited once more.

However, for all those fans who have been earnestly hoping that Penny and Leonard would be in love even while they are off-camera, you are sadly mistaken.

Photo Source: Facebook/Kaley Cuoco

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