Guess How Old Michael Fassbender Was When He Lost His ‘V Card’?

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Guess How Old Michael Fassbender Was When He Lost His ‘V Card’?
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In an exclusive with ELLE Magazine, current hot topic Michael Fassbender (“12 Years a Slave”, “Prometheus”) recently sat down for an interview to endorse “Macbeth”. Before we get into details on what he headline is asking, it is also interesting to read about the other juicy stuff, Fassbender spilled. Read on to know more.

From wanting to do a Steve McQueen and eye-f—king the hell out of every woman he meets (counting Olivia Palermo), who was walking behind him and he literally stops to f—k her with his eyes, reports News Diving. Let’s do this.

Steve McQueen on Fassy’s (as he is fondly called) eye-f—king after his second “starvation” audition. McQueen says that “in an instant as we walked out the door—Michael had his [motorcycle] helmet on—he used to be walking down the street and this woman simply looked at him, and he checked out her, and it was once kind of like…it was once public sex, and then they handed each different! It used to be like, Oh my God, we simply came out…He has that. He’s all the time had that. And that is a fascinating factor to have.” (via ELLE Magazine) Ladies, be honest. Will you complain if Fassbender does that to you?

Another random fact about the 38-year-old, Fassbender treasured his role as head altar boy in his Irish church: “I would allocate the roles. You’re on bell duty; you gentle the candles; you’re on communion accountability… It was once one of the most best jobs it is advisable to get, to be trustworthy!” Guess at a young age, the “Assassin’s Creed” star already knew how to have his way with people, right?

Now on to what we’re here for. The German-Irish actor apparently lost his virginity when was 18-years-old. Too late or too early? It could depend on one’s personal views. “All my girlfriends have misplaced their virginity sooner than me! Guys are type of attempting on account that they were 13, however I was like, 18. I don’t want to say the rest extra as a result of I don’t need to embarrass the other individual, nevertheless it was once as excellent as it can be, you recognize? It used to be what i believed it could be. And I actually cared concerning the person I was once with, so it used to be kinda good.” he said.

What does he have to say about Lady Macbeth? According to Fassbender, “possibly through this horrific act of killing the king, and them changing into king and queen, they’ll be solid together once more. That’s vastly more fascinating. The idea of ladies dangerous with ambition—we don’t wish to feed that bullsh-t.”

Fassy’s full interview can be seen on the October issue of ELLE and “Macbeth” is currently showing across the United Kingdom.


Photo Source: Movie Hole

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