Guess Which Movie Kristen Stewart Wants to Be in Next

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Guess Which Movie Kristen Stewart Wants to Be in Next
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore | Kristen Stewart speaking at the 2012 WonderCon in Anaheim, California, 17 March 2012.

Kristen Stewart is so over her portrayal as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series, and she wants you to know it! Adding to the fact that she won’t be on the “Snow White and the Huntsman” sequel, where else can Stewart be seen next?

Following her Oscar-nominated role on “Still Alice,” Stewart opens up to Yahoo! on which movie she wants to be in next. To make the most of her career, the 24-year-old actress wants to go on a new direction for her career and be cast on a superhero movie. Will she be working with Chris Hemsworth on a superhero again?

For Stewart, the reason why she wants to do a superhero movie is so she could show people that she can still do a lot more acting than just “Kristen Stewart.” And with these types of movies, she believes that she could truly show the difference.

Considering she loves watching these types of movies, Stewart may be ready for such roles. When asked on which superhero movie she would like to work with, Stewart believes that she could go on board with “Captain America.” However, the young actress believes that it would have to be “the right thing.”

If Stewart is dead serious about starring in a Marvel movie, she’s got a big shot at starring in “Captain Marvel.” This will be a 2017 movie about a fighter pilot known as Carol Danvers, who develops super powers such as strength, flight and many more. On the other hand, she may also choose to star on DC Comics movies such as “Wonder Woman” or “Justice League.”

With a role in a superhero movie, Stewart would do a lot of justice to it and would surely change her image. Especially after the performance she did for “Still Alice,” Stewart’s career could really change a lot with the help of being cast into a superhero movie.

As for her love life, Stewart prefers to keep things private. Following her split from “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson, Stewart was seen holding hands and snuggling with her close friend, Alicia Cargile, while on holiday in a Hawaii. With reports like this, it is only natural for the actress to be rumored to be a lesbian. Stewart, however, has not commented on the topic.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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