Guest Girl Passed Out at Justin Bieber’s Home – Is 2013 Really Unlucky for Bieber?

By admin | 4 years ago

Ambulances rushed to Justin Bieber’s Calabasas Mansion early in the morning on Dec. 14, after a 20-year-old female guest was found unconscious at the house, according to TMZ.

Sources told Us Weekly that there wasn’t anything serious – a call to 911 was made out of an abundance of caution. The woman turned out to be ok after she was given some food and liquids, and just 15 minutes later the ambulances were called off.

The local sheriff’s department also confirmed that they never visited Bieber’s home and have no information about the incident.

Beiber was also at home when this whole drama took place. TMZ reports that the female guest was there to attend a party thrown by Bieber, and alcohol was said to be involved with her condition.

Someone connected to Bieber told TMZ that when the woman regained consciousness, she insisted for the ambulance to be called off. Instead she went home.

It’s not the first time when something went wrong with Bieber – 2013 came rife with unpleasant Bieber news.

At the start of the year, a paparazzi photographer was reportedly killed after hitting Bieb’s car. Then Bieber didn’t get any Grammy nominations in February.

The next month, he celebrates his 19th birthday, and everyone gets thrown out of the club as his fancy part is stinks of marijuana.

Then a bunch of angry fans booed him for being two hours late for his London concert at the O2.

A few months later, Bieber was accused of spitting on a DJ in a nightclub as the DJ reportedly tried to snap photos of the singer.

Then he ‘accidentally’ disrespected the Argentinian flag and being accused of mistreating members of the press.

And then the recent graffiti incident in Colombia, and the sleeping Bieber photo that blew up social media.

It looks like an innocent little kid who was discovered through his YouTube video, is now on his way to the bratty Bieber!

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