Gun Control Law Passed by New York Legislature

By admin | 6 years ago

Lawmakers in New York have agreed to pass the nation’s toughest gun control law and the country’s first since the school shooting in Newtown. Connecticut. The law calls for a very tough ban on assault weapons and provisions to make sure guns are kept out of the possession of mentally ill people if they have made threats previously.

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York made gun control the priority in his progressive agenda that he spoke of just six days ago in his State of the State speech to lawmakers. The effort was bipartisan to pass the gun control law and was fuelled by the massacre in Newtown that cost 20 children and 6 educators their lives. Cuomo asked at what point do we say no more loss of innocent lives.

The new measure calls for the sale ammunition and gun restrictions and Tuesday, the legislature in New York voted to pass the law. One lawmaker said it was not about taking the rights away of anyone, but rather it is about living in a society that is safe and today New York is setting a precedent for the rest of the U.S. to follow and do what is right and correct.

Under the state law currently, assault weapons were defined as having two features that are “military rifle” like. The new measure reduces that to only one feature and includes the pistol grip.

Private sales of guns that include assault weapons to someone who is not immediate family would require a background check via a dealer. In addition, Internet sales of the same assault weapons would stop. Magazines for ammunition would be restricted to only seven bullets from 10 that is currently the law.

Those with higher capacity magazines would have to sell them out of state within the next 12 months. Someone caught at home with a magazine holding eight bullets or more could be faced with misdemeanour charges.


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