Gun Control Task Force Moves Forward with Biden at Helm

By admin | 6 years ago

Joe Biden, the U.S. Vice President will meet this week with representatives from the National Rifle Association along with experts in the mental health field as part of his effort to push forward actions of the task force established by the White Hours on gun control.

The importance of looking in the areas of mental health and video games with relation to the country’s gun violence has already been stressed by President Obama. However, it has been confirmed that VP Biden would also meet with pro-gun groups that included the NRA and with opponents of guns.

Following the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, where 26 people were killed by a gunman using an assault rifle inside an elementary school, the White House administration has been at odds with the NRA. The NRA, in reaction to the shootings, suggested that there should be armed guards at all schools to protect the students from any further gun violence. Obama said he was very skeptical about the NRA’s idea.

The tragedy in Newtown, which included the deaths of 20 children, has prompted the president to ask Biden to formulate different ideas to help curb gun violence. Biden’s task force has a deadline it self-imposed for the end of this month. President Obama is scheduled to unveil the task forces’ ideas during his State of the Union speech.

Obama has assured the public that gun control legislation will be put in place during the first year of his second term. Part of what the task force is looking into is the ban on assault rifles, as well as looking into the role violent video games, movies and mental health services have in preventing gun crimes of a violent nature.


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