Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 1 Recap

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Gundam Build Fighters Try: Episode 1 Recap
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Gunpla, plastic models based on the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam, has taken the world by storm, and with this comes an innovative revolutionary new ability to pilot your own Gunpla creations in "Gunpla Battles." These incredibly popular battles culminate in a yearly global tournament.

Seven years have passed since Sei Iori has won the 7th Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament. The Gunpla Battle Championships is now run by Yajima Trading. With new rules and new battle modes, the game has become more popular.

Episode 1: The Boy Who Calls the Wind

Episode 1 opens up with a Gunpla Battle right off the bat. A RGM-237C Powered GM Cardigan takes on hordes of mobile suits. Fumina Hoshino, a student at Seiho Academy that Sei Iori once attended and president of the Gunpla Battle Club, announces her love for gunplay while she remembers her childhood friend Yuuma Kousaka, whom she was supposed to be fighting with, but they have both gone on different paths, with Yuuma becoming an award-winning Gunpla builder.

Meanwhile, at an alley way, Sekai Kamiki defends himself from thugs by showing off his Kenpō skills. He then proceeds shows one of the thugs a photograph of him with a girl and asks if they have seen her. As the police appear, they have mistakes Sekai as the troublemaker; he is then taken to a police station, where he is questioned. The girl on the picture, Mirai Kamiki, Sekai’s older sister, arrives to pick him up. All goes well as all the officers are attracted to her.

At school, Fumina is troubled with the lack of members of her club. She is then confronted by Daiki Miyaga, an upper-class man and president of the Plastic Model Club. Miyaga wants Fumina to join his club, but Fumina straightly refuses. Hoshino then proceeds to the faculty office to talk about entering the Gunpla Tournament. However, to do sos she would need two more members. Sekai then arrives, stating that he is a new transfer student a month late because he was on a trip with his master, so a teacher goes to find out more about him. Sekai asks Fumina if there are clubs that has something to do with martial arts, but there are none. Seeing it as her chance to gain new members, Fumina decides to show Sekai about Gunpla Battle. Sekai is enthralled when he heard her say “the utimate battle.”

Upon arriving to the practice hall for Gunpla Battla, Sekai is disappointed to see that the entire battle is all about Gunpla models. Tieing Sekai down, Hoshino shows Sekai a simulation battle. Seeing the Plavsky particles in action for the first time, Sekai is thrilled to try Gunpla battle. He looks for a Gunpla to use at the shelf, and he picks up the trophy which belongs to Sei and Reiji's victory in the championship. He finds a MS-09B Dom inside the trophy and decides to use it.

As the Dom goes out of bounds and falls down, both Sekai and Fumina try to catch the falling model, with Fumina landing on top of Sekai. Sheesh, a common scene on animes. Anyway, Miyagi suddenly enters the room enraged, suspecting that the two did something indecent. Sekai and Fumina explained what happened. Relieved, Miyagi then tries to persuade Fumina to join his club, but Sekai intervenes leading to a gunplay battle. Fumina supports Sekai’s Dom, who is battling Miyagi’s Enact. Miyagi reveals his reason for challenging Sekai to shut down the Gunpla Battle Club since no one would like to join a Battle Club that loses to a Plastic Model Club. Sekai proceeds to fight without weapons, using only his Dom’s fists and his Jigen Haoh martial arts. With a single punch, he is able to blow away Miyagi’s enact, sending it flying. Ral, who witnesses the fight, sees Reiji in Sekai, calling him “the second coming of Reiji.”

Out of nowhere, a beam fires at Sekai’s Dom, and a new challenger has arrived. At the top  of a cliff is Yuuma Kousaka’s Lightning Gundam. Yuuma is Kousaka’s younger brother and knows Sei. Sekai engages Yuuma, who is able to read Sekai’s movements shooting his Dom down. Fumina tries to stop the battle, but Sekai urges her not to. Yuuma shoots Sekai down as he tries to rush to Yuuma, but as Sekai’s Dom explodes, another Gunpla emerges from within its body, burning with a hot red glow — the Build Burning Gundam. The Build Burning is able to repel the beams from the Lightning Gundam. Yuuma remembers the movement and mobility of the Gunpla, similar to Sei and Reiji’s Build Strike. Sekai’s Build Burning punches Yuuma’s Lightning Gundam, blowing out a very strong wind that spreads out the Plavsky Particles. Fumina is astounded, stating that “[Sekai is] calling the wind.” The battle continues until Mirai arrives catches his brother, dragging him back to the teacher who was looking for him. And this is how Fumina and Sekai first met — no, this was the day team Try Fighters first met.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Bandai Visual Sunrise

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