Gundam Reconguista in G Recaps: Episodes 1 & 2

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Gundam Reconguista in G Recaps: Episodes 1 & 2

The year is 1014 of the Regild Century, a turn after the universal century, an Orbital Elevator, the Capital Tower has been set to establish a space transportation system. The Orbital Elevator consists of 144 nuts connected via cables. Both cables and nuts are able to move in sync with the earth’s rotational axis due to the Minovsky Magnet-ray Field (MMF), an effect produced between the cables and the nuts. The Orbital Elevator is powered by the energy generated in the Airglow belt found in the earth’s upper atmosphere, which is absorbed by the cables. To protect the Elevator from external influences that may harm it, an organization, the Capital Guard, was established.

Episode 1: The Mysterious Mobile Suit

A mysterious mobile suit was making its descent to the earth’s atmosphere. The capital guard and a mysterious opposing force came to retrieve the mysterious mech. While in mid-descent, a girl was ejected out of the mysterious machine’s cockpit, which prompted the leader of the guard squad, Dellensen Samatar, to save the girl, leaving the machine in possession of the opposing force.

A week after, Belri Zenam, a young prodigious cadet in the Capital Guard Academy, along with Luin Lee and their peers, was preparing for their venture into space aboard the orbital tower. These cadets were trained, none other by Dellensen. As they approached the lower nut, the students began to board their Rectens, a mobile suit which is used for the maintenance of the elevator. Belri, aboard his Recten, heard static on his comms caused by Minovsky Particles. He then noticed four mobile suits descending the atmosphere, realizing that the machines he saw does not belong to the Capital Guard; these were Space Pirates.

The mysterious mobile suit back then reappeared, now piloted by a pirate member, Aida Rayhunton. Aboard the ship, the mysterious girl saved by Dellensen earlier, now named Raraiya Monday since she was found on a Monday, became hysterical as she recognized the mobile suit, exclaiming, “G!..G!”

Belri then decided to apprehend the pirate using his ill-equipped Recten, with only a welder in tow. Belri
outsmarted the mobile suit pilot and, with the help of his instructor Dellensen and Luin, was able to capture the mobile suit. Now their captive, Aida, was prompted to disembark on her cockpit. She was then confronted by the group to which she introduced herself not as a member of the Amerian military, “Aida Rayhunton. Space Pirate,” she proclaimed.

Luin then tried to open the hatch of the mobile suit named “G-self,” which was perfectly shut, revealing that Aida was the only person capable of opening it. But to her surprise, Belri was able to open the cockpit and to start up the machine, moving up its arms in a glorious fashion as the crown went up the tower.

Episode 2: G-Self, Start Up!

Episode 2 opened up with the higher ups, Colonel Cumpa Rusita reviewing the previous encounter with the G-self, as well as Belri’s ability to start up the machine.

Back on Earth, Belri and his friends were again able to enjoy the life of a teenager at school. It is revealed that Belri is the son of the academy’s Operations Director. Later that evening, a party was being held at the Academy where high-profile personalities, such as Colonel Rusita and His Holiness, attended. Amidst the celebration, Minovsky Particles area again spread at the area, hinting that the pirates were beginning an attack.

The pirates began their attack to reclaim the G-self as well as their comrade, Aida. As chaos ensued, Belri, Luin, Raraiya, Noredo and Manny made their way Hangar 25, where they believed Aida and the G-Self were being held. Belri and Noredo made their way up the tower, where they meet up with Aida.

Belri then proceeded to Hangar 25, taking control of the G-self. A fight between Captain Cahill, leader of the pirate’s attack and Belri, ensued, leading to Cahill’s loss and death. Aida, who looked up to his comrade Cahill, then reprimanded Belri to bring Cahill back, blaming him for his death, to which Belri defended, saying that he did not kill the man. Aida broke down in tears. The G-self and the group were then surrounded by the capital guards and the research division led by Colonel Rusita.

That’s it for the recap on Episodes 1 and 2 of “Gundam Reconguista in G,” the thirteenth reincarnation of Sunrise’s long-running “Gundam” mecha metaseries. For more recaps on this anime, check Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

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