Gundam: G no Reconguista Recap: Episode 3

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Gundam: G no Reconguista Recap: Episode 3

The year is 1014 of the Regild Century, a turn after the universal century, an Orbital Elevator, the Capital Tower has been set to establish a space transportation system. The Orbital Elevator consists of 144 nuts connected via cables. Both cables and nuts are able to move in sync with the earth’s rotational axis due to the Minovsky Magnet-ray Field (MMF), an effect produced between the cables and the nuts. The Orbital Elevator is powered by the energy generated in the Airglow belt found in the earth’s upper atmosphere, which is absorbed by the cables. To protect the Elevator from external influences that may harm it, an organization, the Capital Guard, was established.

Episode 3: The Pressure of Montero

After the Space Pirates’ siege, Belri is ordered by Colonel Rusita to come to the Research Division tomorrow. The Research Division who had been arguing with the Capital Army takes custody of Aida as well as the G-self. Belri takes off with Noredo, who both spent the night in Belri’s mom’s office.

Meanwhile, at the Space Pirates’ hideout, the space pirate’s lieutenant and ace pilot Klim Nick, who has just arrived with his Montero, prepares to sortie to rescue Aida. He plans to attack the capital army who is not anticipating a second attack at the moment. At this point it is revealed that mobile suits of this century have built in toilet in their cockpit chair. Talk about convenience. Yeesh.

That morning, Belri, who’s followed by Noredo, sets out to the Research Division. Noredo starts lecturing Belri, who she thinks has fallen in love at first sight with Aida. Belri meets up with the Colonel and Aida. They discuss matters about the G-self and how Aida, Raraya and Belri are able to pilot the mobile suit.

Meanwhile, the Capital Army prepares to intercept a spotted Klim Nick who begins to broadcast his demands: to release Aida and return the G-Self to the Space Pirates, threatening to destroy the Capital Tower if they fail to do so.

As the alarms ring, Dellensen and his men meet the intruder. Aida, Raraya, Noredo and Belri board the G-self. A battle between the Capital Army and Klim Nick ensues, but despite their numbers, they were not able to take down Klin and his Montero, who prove to be proficient in the use of beam javelins.

The G-self piloted by Aida begins to take off, meeting up with Klim Nick, who stops his attack once he learns that Aida’s controlling the mobile suit. They retreat to Megafauna, bringing Noredo, Raraya and Belri along them.

That’s it for the recap on Episode 3 of “Gundam Reconguista in G,” the thirteenth reincarnation of Sunrise’s long-running “Gundam” mecha metaseries. For more recaps on this anime, check Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

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