Guns Sales Surge Following Presidential Election

By admin | 6 years ago

n what has alarmed many gun control proponents, thousands of Americans are purchasing handguns, ammunition and other types of firearms. They cite concerns that President Obama might push for harsher regulation during his second term in office, or that agreement at the U.N. might affect the gun market in the U.S.

Across the nation, ammo and guns sales are increasing and at this point are two times as high as they were at the same time last year. However, those rates still do not approach the gun sales that took place just after President Obama was elected to his first term in 2008.

Nevertheless, if the current pace keeps up by gun lovers, then ammo and weapons shortages could take place. Advocates for gun control say they cannot understand why there is a rush to buy extra ammo, magazines and firearms.

One gun control proponent said that Obama did not do anything during his first term in office to make people think he would be coming after them and their guns. Prior to taking office, Obama announced that he respected the right to bear arms in the constitution.

However, after over three dozen children in Chicago were killed back in 2007, Obama also said a ban should be restored on assault weapons. Following his 2008 election, ammo and firearms were stock piled and the increase in purchases caused a temporary shortage. Almost a year went by before supplies were more plentiful and prices returned to normal.

Some firearms and ammo shoppers have expressed concerns that the president could have been holding back on big gun control changes during his first four years in office so he would ensure himself of reelection.

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