Gwen Stefani And Her ‘Hairvolution’; Stylist Says She Can ‘Express Herself’ Through Her Hair

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Gwen Stefani And Her ‘Hairvolution’; Stylist Says She Can ‘Express Herself’ Through Her Hair
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Gwen Stefani may be leaving “The Voice” when Christina Aguilera returns but her stint on the TV show will always be notable, especially with her bold looks. Viewers will miss seeing this very stylish woman, No Doubt about that,

People Magazine reports that Stefani seems to be having heaps of fun with her platinum locks recently. Her hairstylist, Danilo acclaims her adaptable style methods to self-expression.


Let’s take a look at her most unforgettable hair moments, shall we?

Stefani went for a bohemian feel, combining straight hair and rope braids with a gold head chain from Lana Jewelry.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniPeople Magazine

Want something crazier? Look at her “tribal” ‘hairdo, displaying pigtail braids with a topknot. “Gwen was wearing a couture Valentino dress so I thought, ‘Let’s give her something chic,’” Danilo said.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniInstagram/officialdanilohair

Gwen Stefani has been doing a great job self-expression, don’t you think? The singer takes viewers on a wild ride, as she and Danilo have carried some serious looks before. Although, there is a noticeable serious shift in inspiration from her last season.

Could it be because of her new relationship with Blake Shelton? “It’s really the amazing platform we have with “The Voice” to be able to play dress up and debut so many versatile looks.” Danilo said.

We all know this isn’t the first time Stefani has been daring with her hair on the show. It all started with Stefani’s dip-dyed asymmetrical ponytail in season 7. While that was amid the bravest of her looks, as she kind of kept it safe with stylish waves, things have stepped up and gotten bigger and better in season 9. “The looks over the past three years and to the present have always been spontaneous and very in the moment,” Danilo said of the change.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniInstagram/officialdanilohair

In honor of her new significant other and fans and viewers adoring her attention-grabbing hair, here are the best of the best from season 9. First up, the tsunami-level beehive waves.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniInstagram/officialdanilohair

And these remarkable chunky braids pulled back into a pony.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniInstagram/officialdanilohair

This geometric sculpted pony, with her her dip-dyed ends making an appearance.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniInstagram/officialdanilohair

And of course, last but not least, the prettiest flower braid ever.

The Voice, Gwen StefaniInstagram/officialdanilohair


Photo Source: Instagram/gwenstefani

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