Hackers Are After Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & Zack Snyder Has Something to Say

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Hackers Are After Pirates of the Caribbean 5 & Zack Snyder Has Something to Say
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In today’s world, cyber attacks are proving to be a major threat. These attacks have made major companies and even countries their target and Disney’s case is the most recent one.

A Los Angeles-based studio is currently facing a threat from hackers who are threatening to leak an upcoming movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

The Guardian reported that Disney’s upcoming movie Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is now a target of anonymous hackers. These hackers have claimed that they have a copy of the upcoming movie and will leak it online if Disney fails to give in to their demand.

These hackers are demanding ransom otherwise, they will leak the movie and they wait in paid in bitcoin.

Disney CEO Bob Iger informed all the employees about the situation but refuses to pay ransom money. The outlet noted that while addressing his employees, Iger did not name the movie that was being targeted.

However, it was recently revealed that it is none other than the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 set to release soon.

Zack Snyder’s comment

In the midst of this situation, a very unlikely individual commented on Disney’s current situation. Justice League director Zack Snyder who has been associated with Disney’s rival studio Time Warner, addressed the whole issue.

As per TMZ, Snyder stated that in today’s world, issues like this have become common. He also stated that he has heard about the whole Disney issue and agrees with the actions that Iger is taking.

However, when asked about protecting his own big budget movie like Justice League, he offered a solution. According to him, along with filming every movie on film, it would be better if it is also finished on film.

So instead of finishing a movie digitally, it would be better if an analog method were used. With that, it will prevent the movie from getting hacked.

Going by the statement, it does look like he was joking but given the number of hacks that have taken place in recent years, this method might just come in handy.

Previous hacks

Hacking of big studio movies is a common thing in Hollywood. In the last few years, a lot of major movies have been hacked by anonymous hackers.  Expendables 3 was leaked online days before its release and as a result, it incurred major loss at the box office.

In another instance, hackers threatened to leak  The Interview because of the movie’s plot since it was dealing with a sensitive issue of assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the movie itself became a major controversy.

Hackers paralyzed Sony Pictures and demanded they cancel the distribution in the movie. At one point of time, tensions also rose between the US and North Korea.

Yet another hacking case occurred just last month. Hackers followed through on their threat and uploaded the entire fifth season of Orange is the New Black, when Netflix did not give in to their demands.

Disney’s current action

As of now, Disney is working with federal agencies to make sure this situation is tackled properly. It has not paid any ransom yet and Iger has kept all employees informed about the situation.

If the situation is not dealt with, hackers will reportedly release the first five minutes of the movie and a twenty-minute follow-up.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will see Depp return to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow along with Bloom reprising his role of Will Turner.

Javier Bardem is also a part of the movie and is playing an undead captain. Reports are stating that the fifth installment is a reboot.

Release date

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will release on May 26.


Photo source: Facebook/Pirates of the Caribbean

Facebook/Zack Snyder

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