Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By admin | 4 years ago

Just one day after creating news for having a special escort by police, which was in violation of policy at the Miami-Dade Police Department, Miami Heat forward LeBron James has now made the headlines for his hairline.

A new photo and report by Business Insider show the NBA MVP on a recent trip to the Philippines, during the Witness History Tour by Nike, with much less hair and a practically unnoticeable hairline.

James has often times received jeers from opposing fans over the oversized headband he uses to hide his receding hairline.

When he lost the headband during this year’s NBA Finals in Game 6 versus the San Antonio Spurs, he had an exceptional performance leading the Heat to a victory in overtime by scoring 16 fourth quarter points.

Perhaps his new haircut will distract from the controversy that came from the MDPD announcement that one of their police officers, who took James to the Jay Z Justin Timberlake concert last week, is being investigated for taking James down the wrong side of the street in order to avoid a traffic jam.

The name of the officer has yet to be released and police have not said what punishment the officer faces.

The Miami Heat and James have not responded directly to the ongoing investigation. James did post a photo on his Twitter and Instagram pages on Tuesday that said whenever someone is happy or in a great place, someone will always try to make it bad or ruin it.

The Miami Heat is enjoying a happy offseason after winning their second consecutive NBA title. James and his teammates have added a couple of new faces to the lineup in hopes of offsetting moves other NBA teams have made to make their rosters stronger.

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