Halle Berry Falls on Set, taken to Hospital

By admin | 6 years ago

Academy award winning actress Halle Berry fell on the set of her new movie on Tuesday. The actress sustained a slight injury after banging her head. An ambulance transported her to a hospital where she was checked by emergency personnel. The actress, 45, was in the midst of shooting a sequence where she was in a fight, in The Hive, her latest film. The action made her fall and she hit her head in the process.

For precautionary reason she was taken to the nearest hospital, but after being examined by doctors, she was deemed healthy and returned to where see was staying. The movie and Berry are scheduled to continue filming without any delay.

She was taken to Cedars Sinai at around 10:00 pm when people on the set thought she had developed possible concussion symptoms. Berry is well known for being a bit accident prone when on set. In 2011, while shooting in Spain she broke her foot on set for Cloud Atlas. Because of that injury, she could not attend this past February’s Oscars.

In 2003, she broke an arm while filming Gothika and the year before, while shooting a scene for Die Another Day a James Bond movie, she injured her eye. She was hospitalized in 2004 after being hit in the head with lighting equipment while shooting a scene in the Catwoman.

In The Hive, her latest film, Berry, plays the role of an emergency operator for 911 who tries to save a young girl was kidnapped. The movie is scheduled to be released sometime during next year.

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