Halloween Is More Than Half-A-Month Away But Ashley Benson Gets Some Unwanted Treat For Her Lion Costume

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Halloween Is More Than Half-A-Month Away But Ashley Benson Gets Some Unwanted Treat For Her Lion Costume
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Ashley Benson got the ire from her social media followers last Tuesday when she posted a query about a probable Halloween costume. The “Springbreakers” actress’ holiday spirit went into a nosedived as her what-would-be-harmless lion costume got a lot of hostility. Thanks, but no thanks to Benson’s earlier media-baiting caption, “What do you guys think of this cecil the lion costume?” reported by MailOnline.

Her followers were quick to draw on how thick-skinned the actress was, which made her realize the blunder as she immediately modified her header with “Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this lion costume?” Despite the tweak, her offense spread like wild fire on the social media platform.

“YOU [sic] are ignorant. So appalling,” one user wrote. Another said, “She changed her comment…@itsashbenzo-coward …dumb remark should have just said Lion…who are you anyways?” as fans mercilessly lashed out onto her offense.

Some fans though had the back of the former “Days of our Lives” mainstay declaring that, “People that got upset or offended over a lion they only know from hearing on the news need to get over themselves.”

Cecil the Lion was an enormous Zimbabwean feline with a flowing black unkempt mane that made her a favorite at the Hwange National Park. Last July, an American trophy hunter was accused of killing the tourists’ chosen one.

Ashley Benson expressed her regret on the awful misstep as she made it public on her official Facebook page. The actress aired-out an apology stating that she will be donating proceeds to the conservation of animals via the World Wildlife Fund.

Ashley Benson’s choice of an out of the ordinary Halloween get-up hasn’t been the first of its kind in Halloween frenzy America, a report from Mirror catalogued an eccentric array of costume ranging from truly wacko Caitlyn Jenner to a very offensive Cecil the Lion Killer costume of dentist Dr. Walter Palmer.

Photo Source:Instagram/Ashley Benson

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