Halt and Catch Fire Recap: Adventure

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Halt and Catch Fire Recap: Adventure
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After getting beat up, Joe was back on track and ready to prove to John and to his team that he knew exactly what he’s doing, and he’s just the right guy to run things around in Cardiff. “Halt and Catch Fire” Season 1 Episode 5 “Adventure” aired on Sunday, June 29, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on AMC. “Adventure” led us to discover more about the characters, especially Joe and Cameron. Read on to learn more about this episode.

John was trying to gather more clients for Cardiff, so he set up a meeting. He was able to get through for the most part of his pitch. However, when the clients started throwing more technical questions at him, he struggled and was left with no choice but to let Joe answer all of the questions. Joe was in a roll, giving all the answers and the details that the clients needed to know. Because of this, the clients were very pleased.

In this episode, a software development team came into the picture, courtesy of Joe, while he sent Cameron on a trip to Ohio, which was for nothing. Cameron pictured the team as competition, but Joe tried to convince her that the only reason he brought the team over was to give her some breathing space after the stress that she’s been in writing the BIOS.

Fortunately, their PC did start, and this made Gordon and his hardware team very happy. Joe walked in on them during their celebration and told them that there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. Gordon did not like Joe’s approach, and he felt pressured, so he called his father-in-law for a favor. Joe asked him for some business associations that could help him close a deal on a screen that would make the machine fit Joe’s vision to his clients. Luckily, his father-in-law agreed.

Debbie, Joe’s secretary, told Joe that his father left him a message and was coming to town for a couple of days. We don’t know yet their whole story, but we know that they had a falling out in the past. Joe told Debbie to set up an appointment with his father, but he got cold feet and stood him up.

Joe wasn’t entirely sure about Gordon’s plan for the new screen, but Gordon was able to convince  him, so they proceeded in the meeting with the supplier. Meanwhile, Cameron was having a hard time with her new manager and went up to Joe to tell him that he needs to get rid of him. However, Joe refused to do so and told Cameron that she should learn how to work with people, and she shouldn’t expect any favors from him just because they have a thing, and this left Cameron upset.

She went to Joe’s place to get some of her things when she came across Joe’s father and got to talking. Joe’s father told her that Joe had a bad news and left Cameron a business card to call him the moment she figured out who Joe really is.

In other news, Joe was trying to prep Gordon on how to talk to Japanese clients, as he’s been to Japan a number of times and has dealt with the Japanese. However, during their meeting, Gordon screwed the whole thing up when he got drunk, and he also screwed up even more his marriage and his relationship with his father-in-law. The next day, Joe tried to win back their Japanese clients by asking for forgiveness, and the Japanese did give them another chance. Joe went to Gordon and told him about, this but Gordon told him that he didn’t do anything because he was able to fix things the same night that he screwed up. Cameron went back to Cardiff and told Joe that she’s going to take the job as the new software manager and will reduce the size of the team. She also told Joe that she met his dad but did not give him details of their conversation.

Later that day, Cameron went to a social function with her new team, and then they had this weird activity where they had to take a sledgehammer to a car. Joe stepped in and destroyed the whole thing.

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