Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Recap: Cardiff Comes Clean

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Recap: Cardiff Comes Clean
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Three more episodes left and “Halt and Catch Fire” will wrap its first season on AMC. Things got more interesting on the latest episode of the show, “Cardiff Comes Clean.” Read on for the full recap.

Cameron and Bosworth had been spending a lot of late nights together to improve the PC that they were developing. However, what Cameron didn’t know was all along, Bosworth was trying to infiltrate a national bank computer system to get more money for Cardiff’s PC fund. Things crumbled when the FBI arrived. They took Cardiff’s computers as evidence and arrested Bosworth.

This unfortunate thing happened when Joe and Gordon were at COMDEX to sell The Giant and their dreams of giving it a good name crumbled into pieces because of the raid that had happened. Fortunately, Gordon’s passion kept him from giving up on The Giant, so he stole it from Cardiff even though it should be seized by the FBI as evidence and planned to still push through with it at COMDEX. He was resolved on selling it whatever happens.

With Gordon’s passion, his wife Donna was getting even more worn down and still hoped to have an affair with Hunt. In fact, even Donna’s mom supported her because they still want to see her daughter succeed, and she saw that it’s not happening with Gordon.

The raid that happened brought out some of Joe’s secrets when Gordon and Joe were arguing about hacking the bank. Gordon spilled the beans about Joe’s plot on Cameron’s computer to draw in press for the sake of the company. Cameron was astounded to hear this and punched Joe in the face.

To make matters worse for Joe, he found out that IBM was also developing a portable PC, and this was such a huge threat for Cardiff. Joe quickly assumed that this was because of his father who somehow was able to launch a project at IBM to crush him. With this assumption mixed with anger, he went to his father’s house to confront him about this, only to be told that his father’s project didn’t have anything to do with him.

Their conversation got even more tensed when Joe questioned his father where he’s been since he left IBM, and Joe Sr. revealed that he was travelling to learn more about his mom. This was such a huge revelation because all along, Joe thought that his mother was dead. She is still alive, and the reason why she wasn’t there for Joe was because his father sent her away.

Joe, getting panicky over what’s happening with Cardiff, asked his father to let him run IBM’s portable PC program, and his father told him that he would do whatever he can to make that happen. Gordon found out about this and lost his cool once again, telling Joe to stand up for his vision. This left Joe impressed with Gordon and Cameron’s determination to pursue The Giant. He then agreed with Gordon’s plan to still push through with COMDEX. He even sold his sports car to get more money.

Meanwhile, Donna was ready to leave her husband until she found a diamond ring while she was packing her stuff. We learned that she pawned her own engagement ring to get Gordon his first computer kit. Gordon told her back then that he’s going to buy her a new engagement ring the moment they sold their first computer. Even if Gordon has not yet sold The Giant, he still went through with his promise to his wife, and this brought tears to Donna’s eyes.

Bosworth saved Cameron when it comes to the arrest as he acted that he was riding solo when he was hacking the bank. Donna went with her husband at COMDEX to support him.

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