Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Recap: Giant

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Recap: Giant
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In the “Halt and Catch Fire” Episode 7 “Giant,” things mellowed down, and we dived deeper on the cast’s relationships. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

First off, now that the PC was done, Joe’s team should start thinking about the design of the PC’s look. Moreover, Joe and Gordon were not on the same page when they argued over what the PC should be called. Gordon insisted to call it “Giant,” while Joe wanted it to be called “Contrail.” However, Gordon won the argument only because Joe got so pissed to argue anymore.

Joe found the right person to design the look of the PC — Simon Church. Even though Simon had a background in designing sports cars, Gordon didn’t approve of him because he thought that the design might overpower the function of the PC. Other than that, Simon was also Joe’s ex, and Cameron was able to pick up on that, so he asked Joe about it. Joe told her the story on how he and Simon met at a conference. Simon was the one who left Joe, and he also admitted to Cameron that Simon could still trigger some feelings in him.

Due to Simon’s presence, Cameron felt a bit threatened and insecure. However, she still managed to remain professional and work with Simon on the PC design. She was able to talk to Simon about business, but their conversation led to Joe, in which Joe warned her that he might just get bored with her just like what she he did to him.

In other news, Donna went on a business trip with her boss. There was chemistry between them and Donna, who’s unhappy with her marriage with Gordon. She thought that Hunt was aware of the chemistry between them. So when Hunt came up to her room one night, she immediately kissed him, only to be mortified when Hunt told her that he was there to deliver a fax. Donna, who was so ashamed, went home.

We also found out that Bosworth was going through a divorce, and there was one investor who heard that the PC program was running out of money and didn’t want to continue investing on the program.

Joe talked to Simon about what happened to them, and Simon also told him that he was there to say goodbye to Joe as he was sick. Simon has HIV. Cameron was there all along, and once Joe and Simon were done talking, Joe went back to Cameron. She asked him if he’s going to get bored of her, and Joe told her that he doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, Gordon was struggling with himself. He kept on dreaming about the dead body he saw last episode in the street, and he was also left to take care of his daughters when Donna went away for a business trip. By the end of the episode, Donna got home to see Gordon digging a very deep hole. This surprised her and asked Gordon what he’s doing. Gordon answered her that he was looking for the Giant.

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