Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Recap: Up Helly Aa

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Recap: Up Helly Aa
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Previously on “Halt and Catch Fire” Season 1 Episode 9 “Up Helly Aa” (air date: July 27, 2014), there was a shocking revelation at COMDEX. Before they stumble upon that heartbreaking revelation, Donna, Gordon, Joe and Cameron had to go through so much just to make it to COMDEX. Read on for the full recap of this episode.

Donna, Gordon, Joe and Cameron arrived at COMDEX. They were all so ready to market “The Giant” and sell it. Just when we thought that we are going to see an impressive speech and responsive attendees, they arrived at the event with no suites and a booth. It turned out that their corporate account was frozen due to the ongoing FBI investigation against Bosworth.

The good news was that they managed to pull through with Joe and Gordon’s convincing powers. They got themselves everything that they needed at COMDEX. However, it seemed that things would not go smoothly after that one glitch because they found out that their portable PC was not ready for the event. “The Giant” would not open. This caused Gordon and Donna to panic, so they did all they can to make it work. Meanwhile, Joe was distracting the attendees by getting them drunk and getting in porn stars.

Gordon and Donna worked on “The Giant.” Fortunately, they were able to make it work. This made the married couple reminisce the days when they were younger, and they would work together like that. They ended the night together and had sex. After that, they had a good and open conversation, which rekindled their marriage.

Meanwhile, Cameron spent the night around Las Vegas with the Xerox boys, but she still returned to Joe. Joe told her that she should go to Palo Alto because of her talent. Cameron told her that they should go there. She was not really letting him go.

At COMDEX, they were surprised to stumble upon Hunt who was stationed at the event as well with a portable PC that looked exactly like The Giant. They found out that Hunt was only using Donna to get some information about The Giant, and he called his portable PC The Slingshot. Joe went to Hunt, and things got heated between them. Then again, there was nothing that Joe could do because Hunt was going to stick around at the event and would be marketing The Slingshot.

Gordon and Donna fought about Hunt until Donna revealed to her husband that she didn’t have an affair with Hunt. They laid the final dagger on their marriage.

Gordon, with so much determination to let The Giant get out there, stripped it off, took off its OS to make it even faster and for it to have bigger chances against The Slingshot. Cameron was upset that the OS that she worked hard for would not be shown at COMDEX. She tried to reason out with Joe, but Joe only told her that what Gordon did was the best thing to do at the moment.

With The Giant stripped off from its “soul,” they presented it, and they won the audience over, even though some of them asked where the unique OS was that they have been hearing about. Joe, being a good salesman, was able to redirect his answer in a positive light.

The Giant was successful at COMDEX after all the mishaps that have happened. By the end of the day, a bottle of champagne was in order; but Gordon, Donna and Joe were really not up for some celebration. Cameron was not there too. And to make matters worse for them, they stumbled upon a suite where a Macintosh was being presented, and the Macintosh has a soul — it speaks, just like what Cameron’s OS was all about.

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