Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Premiere Recap
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Season 2 of “Halt and Catch Fire” has finally premiered and the characters are now moving towards their new ventures. Read below for the full recap.

We had a flashback of Joe and Cameron at her house. They were still okay and then we were taken to the present day, which was 20 months later and in March 1985. Joe is staying at his ex’s Sara’ place while Donna arrived to find her house. It is now the headquarters of Mutiny in chaos that things blew out of proportion when all of the circuit breakers of her neighbors have been blown.

Cameron came to the rescue and fixed the electricity of the neighbors. Donna is annoyed by Cameron’s lack of authority. It’s as if she’s not taking things seriously and because of that, she is forced to be the mom of their company, which is clearly something that she’s really not up for. She even confronted Cameron about this, but Cameron just shrugged it off, which left her even more frustrated.

As for Joe, he was itching to get his check from Cardiff. It was so he could start his own company. Sara knows about the amount of cash that he’s getting and she’s really looking forward to it because it would help Joe get back on his feet again.

Meanwhile, Gordon had a few drinks with some Cardiff employees. They even reminisced about the times that they had at the company. However, Gordon couldn’t remember anything that the employees were telling him about.

The next day, things are tense between Cameron and Donna as well as with Gordon and Joe when they met at Cardiff to get their checks. Still, the two men decided to talk about the mistakes that were made at Cardiff. It somehow eased the tension and then Gordon was called for his check. After getting it, he left Joe waiting for his. When it was his turn, he was surprised that Nathan tore out his check in front of him. Joe warned him that something’s big coming.

Joe went home to Sara that day. He told him of what happened and then asked her to marry him. She was hesitant at first but she agreed in the end.

In other news, Donna and Cameron met up with a “fence” for some new equipment that they could use for Mutiny. They got ripped off and the two headed to the bar. They talked about their issues and they both agreed to compromise and divide managerial duties. The fence showed up at the bar and they confronted him but he still refused to give back their money. Cameron stole his car keys They found two new computers inside and they both took it away and made a run for it.

We saw Gordon talking to his daughters when he suddenly suffered a nosebleed and a blackout.

Also, Cameron picked up John from prison and I wonder, will he be the one to manage Mutiny?

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