Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Recap: Play With Friends

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Recap: Play With Friends
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One of the best things about “Halt and Catch Fire” is that it may not involve a lot of action-packed scenes that involve one’s physical strengths and there are no explosions of any kind, but it deals with the realities of life and at the same time, it takes us back to when technology is far from the touch screens, the apps and all of the advanced tech stuff that we have now. And in Episode 4 “Play With Friends” first person shooter games were born. Read below for the full recap:

Let’s deal with the biggest revelation this episode first: Donna is pregnant. And we couldn’t tell if she’s happy or sad. See, something’s wrong with her husband, Gordon and although he tried to conceal it we know that there might be a serious medical condition behind his nosebleed and passing out in random times. We also have ruled out his cocaine use because we saw him throw his stash of cocaine already. He’s starting to realise this upon learning that his wife’s pregnant again. It was because he seems to come to reality that he needs to start dealing with his health. He knows something’s up, no matter how hard he tried to deny it.

As for Joe, he’s busy working on a new project and even asked Gordon to help him with it. At first, Gordon doesn’t want to and even accused him of using Sara only. In the end he agreed to help him in exchange for a mainframe support for Mutiny, something that he’s trying to hide from Donna. And just like that they had a deal and back in business together.

Tom and Cameron launched started to develop a first person shooter game online after having a Nerf battle with Tom. And Tom finally kissed Cameron. So, it looks like these two are going to reply hit it off this season and there would only be a tiny room for Joe… or maybe it’s totally over?

Donna and Cameron’s partnership was again put to the test when Cameron wants to cut Community, the online chat rooms that Donna made because she’s worried about the security and the status quo while Donna envisions possibility in her creation and it’s her “baby.” They clashed and Donna was upset and she shared this with her husband while in bed. It was a very relatable moment.

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