Halt And Catch Fire Season 4, Return Date: Top Three Spoilers Revealed

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Halt And Catch Fire Season 4, Return Date: Top Three Spoilers Revealed
Halt And Catch Fire Season 4

The computer period drama Halt And Catch Fire Season 4 is recently renewed. Fans of this show are very excited to know what the series will have stored now with the world of Internet open. Here are three possibilities which are likely to take shape in Season 4.

Donna might be the new villain

It may not shock the fans if female protagonist Donna comes out as the new villain in Season 4. In previous Season 3, she is often seen in that mode. Also, her simmering relation with Cameron might turn up the fire and make her into a villain.

In addition, she is all focused on her new project which can also gain her popularity. Donna’s super ambition can ruin her relation with immediate partners. This is just a possibility and nothing is officially revealed yet.

Joe’s cliffhanging future

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Cantwell said that in Season 4 it will be interesting to see where Joe goes from here. Christopher Cantwell also added that Joe MacMillan is now a man who believes in future and “…he’s convinced himself he loves this person in Cameron.”

Perhaps, in new season Joe might come as a completely transformed individual. Nonetheless, this is just a possibility.

Season 4 final episode

Moreover, Season 4 is renewed and will consist of 10 episodes. AMC network has revealed that it will be the fourth and final season for the show. This sparks a possibility that there may not be cliffhanging finale for Season 4.

Showrunners of the series shifted the action to Silicon Valley from Texas for Season 3. Here the start-up company Mutiny is seen getting exposed to new challenges.

Both Donna and Cameron also face a tough time. But as it is said, “all’s well that ends well” Donna gets a new mission and is all set to explore the world of Internet by the end of Season 3.

Similarly, perhaps Season 4 might see a plain ending with some happy reunions. Joe and Cameron might see the relationship bubbling and Gordan and Donna might think of reconciling their broken relationship. Nonetheless, this is just a possibility.

Halt And Catch Fire Season 4 returns in 2017 on AMC network.

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