Han Solo Movie Sequel has ‘So Many Possibilities’

By Bianca Tan | 5 months ago
Han Solo Movie Sequel has ‘So Many Possibilities’
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Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to release in theaters on May 25 but it’s already making waves among fans online. So far the new Han Solo movie have been receiving rave reviews from critics and is expected to break box office records on its first week. While it’s too early to say how well the film is going to do, there are already talks of a possible sequel. 

The new Star Wars movie had gone through a bumpy production process. From changing directors to reshooting 70% of the movie. Nonetheless, the end-product has satisfied fans and movie critics. Hans Solo movie reviews were released this week and had a dominant good rating so far. If the reviews reflect how the audience will receive the film, and how the box-office numbers will be, a sequel may be in order. 

Ron Howard talks about Han Solo 2

In an interview with Ron Howard, the Solo: A Star Wars Story director revealed that he has thought about a possible part two. While there has not been any confirmation yet, he says he already knows where the character will be headed. 

Well, there are so many possibilities and, you know, it’s kind of one of those things where we’re sitting around, waiting for those shots. Although, with [director of photography] Bradford Young, there’s not a lot of time. He moves fast. He’s an indie guy. And, so we were able to make this movie at a pace but, once he began to see the possibilities for scenes and ideas. So, I don’t have a big vision as to where the plot would go, even though ultimately we know where he’s headed and it would be intriguing to navigate him there.

Howard also added that he would be open to a Han Solo movie sequel. But only if he can have a story that feels “authentic” while also staying “surprising” to Star Wars fans and viewers. Much like the first movie, he wants Han Solo 2 to “satisfying but surprising.”

“I think that ought to be the litmus test for anything going forward, which is can you head in a direction that feels right and authentic and do it in a surprising way.”

So far, it has lived up to the surprising element even before the Han Solo movie release date. Earlier this month, it was confirmed that the golden humanoid, C-3PO, will not be in the movie. This will be the first-time ever that the robot will not be in a Star Wars movie since 1977. 

Interestingly, the Han Solo movie was initially announced as a trilogy. However, with its production woes — Ron Howard replacing directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller mid-way through filming — the movie will probably have to gross enough for Disney to entertain the idea of a part two. 

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