‘Hannibal’ Is Not Dead Yet: Bryan Fuller Talks About ‘Hannibal’ Future

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Hannibal’ Is Not Dead Yet: Bryan Fuller Talks About ‘Hannibal’ Future

Fans from all around the world had requestead for “Hannibal” to not be axed and that the series should come up with Season 4, but that didn’t see any light, not yet. In an interview with TV Insider, Creator Bryan Fuller talked about the show’s future and gave many insights as to what is being done to save Hannibal.

Fans of the series would be so happy to hear this that producer Gaumont International Television are in talks with several potential new venues for the Hannibal. Previously, Inquisitr had reported that almost 70,000 petitions had been signed through Change.org in order to save the hit TV series. Well, that’s how much fannibals wanted their beloved show back.

Fuller’sconversation revealed that new proposals and scope is being for “Hannibal” Season 5 and the chances are that “Hannibal” will have a new home soon. When asked about internal NBC debate over “Hannibal,” he clarified that NBC contract with Gaumont had the statement of final wordings on the show’s future by June 19, 2015. So, that is why the network had to declare it so early, with Season 3 running.

NBC still cares about fannibals and will be bringing it for the whole Comic-Con experience. But it had plans to cancel it after the first season only. Jeff Bader, Head of Scheduling at NBC,  had always wanted to cancel the show because the ratings had been too low. NBC President of Entertainment Jen Salke had been saving it since last three years but as the ratings didn’t go up, “Hannibal” had to face the axe.

Fuller also said that the new season 5 of “Hannibal” in its new home will be a shorter series. The show will have 9 to 10 episodes as opposed to 13 episodes of Season 1 to 3.

When asked about Clarice Starling, Fuller said that it would depend on the new venue for “Hannibal” and that Clarice had always been the plan for Season 5.

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