Hannibal Recap: Season 2 Finale Episode 13 Mizumono [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
Hannibal Recap: Season 2 Finale Episode 13 Mizumono [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Hannibal” Season 2 Finale Episode 13 “Mizumono”  aired on Friday, May 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. The most-awaited fight between Hannibal and Jack left Jack bleeding. Read on to learn more about MNG’s “Hannibal” recap of Season 2 Finale Episode 13 “Mizumono.”

Previously on “Hannibal” (“Mizumono” Season 2 Finale Episode 13), lung cancer is slowly consuming Bella Crawford (Gina Torres). She still has not forgiven Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) for saving her when she attempted to commit suicide. The odd part in their confrontation was Bella asking for Hannibal to look after Jack (Laurence Fishburne) for her.

Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) was alive. She had been living in a FBI safe house until she was allowed to resurrect herself. She informed Will about looking forward to her writing about the crime of the century. Meanwhile, Will asked her to leave Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl) out of it. He wanted Abigail’s memories to rest in peace with her. However, a big revelation was yet to unfold.

Hannibal was burning his notes in preparation for their supposed departure. Just when Will thought he had the doctor fooled, he might as well reconsider. You see, Will did not bother to take a shower after meeting Lounds, and Hannibal smelled him and identified the scent. Poor Will. Now you were busted!

Will and Hannibal planned on escaping, while Jack and Will planned on getting Hannibal caught in the act. Will suggested to Hannibal that maybe it was about time to reveal to Jack about the Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal agreed, but what we did not know was would he give it to Jack through confession or demonstration? The doctor then invited Jack for dinner. Jack was preparing for backups just in case the situation got out of hand until his superior, Kade Purnell (Cynthia Nixon), found out about his plan. She was questioning Jack’s plan and put him on a forced leave. Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) tried to talk her out of allowing Jack to push through with the operation but to no avail. Purnell instead issued a warrant for Will and Jack for conspiracy. Alana informed Will about this, and the latter informed Hannibal.

Jack arrived at Hannibal’s house for dinner. Unlike any other dinners, if Jack failed, he could become the meal. The fight has begun. Jack strangled Hannibal. In return, Hannibal stabbed him in the neck. He was bleeding profusely. Then, Hannibal locked him up in the pantry. Alana arrived and immediately pointed the gun at Hannibal. Hannibal tried to talk Alana out of leaving, but she did not. Instead, she took a chance and pulled the trigger, only it did not produce any bullets. Hannibal confessed that he took the bullets out of her gun. Alana raced upstairs. She frantically searched through her purse and found another clip. She yelled that she got more bullets now but was startled to find another presence. It was none other than Abigail Hobbs. Fresh from the grave? Abigail lost an ear though. Alana, as expected, was shocked, and Abigail pushed her through the window.

Here came Will. It started to rain. Will entered and searched the house. And who did he find? Abigail. Then, Hannibal was behind him. After he delivered his speech, he stabbed Will in the stomach. Then, he sliced Abigail’s throat.

Afterwards, we saw Hannibal in a plane with a French-speaking attendant. What was surprising was the mad man was aboard with Bedelia du Maurier (Gillian Anderson).

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