Hans Zimmer Unsure of Composing for Batman vs Superman

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Every blockbuster movie has to include the magic that is in Hans Zimmer’s musical craft to succeed or that’s the notion of current movie goers. The Academy Award winner has previously provided original scores for both the caped crusaders – Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Hence, it would only be natural for the man to return when the two legendary comic book characters share the big screen in Snyder’s Batman vs Superman. Right?

Wrong. Hans Zimmer doesn’t thinks so. Speaking with Collider, he revealed that he is still debating over whether to join the team or not and that the director needs to convince him in a meeting if he really is needed.

“It’s creating a bit of a problem in my head right now,” Zimmer said. “Quite honestly, I’ve gotta sit down with Zack and have a chat with him about what he’s trying to do because what I don’t want to do is go back to that well. It’s a different Batman; Christian Bale and what I did with Chris, that needs to have its autonomous life. I don’t want to go and now appropriate that and put that into the other Batman.”

Speaking on the matter of Ben Affleck putting on the dark suit, Zimmer said that he had nothing but praise for the actor.

“He’ll be a really good Batman,” Zimmer noted. “It’s really quite simple, the man isn’t a fool and he’s not gonna set himself up for a fall. He’s a great filmmaker in his own right, he really is… I think he’s become a much more astute actor and I think he’ll make a great Batman, I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. So do I think it’s a good idea? Yes, I think it’s a good idea. I think he’s great casting.”

Production for Batman vs Superman is scheduled to start at the beginning of next year, with a release date set for July 17, 2015.

Source Collider

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