‘Harry Potter’ Couple Never Filmed Together On Set?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Harry Potter’ Couple Never Filmed Together On Set?

There are speculations that Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis are dating each other, but surprisingly they never worked together in the “Harry Potter” Series. Evanna had essayed the character of Luna Lovegood and Robbie as Harry’s father, James Potter.

Despite working in the same movie franchise, they never received an opportunity to share the frame in logical ways. The actors were intended to work on different parts of the set. On Evanna’s birthday, the blossoming love between the duo has been unveiled as Jarvis wished her many happy returns in a warm manner on her Instagram account. Well, so sweet, right?

But unfortunately, they could not sustain their romantic involvement on the set of Hogwarts while filming the magical story by J.K.Rowling but destiny is not so cruel. It has made another chance for the couple to share their affections as they are present in Sydney together for the Oz Comic-Con. In Sydney, they will encounter fans and followers of the much celebrated movie. Basically, the couple cannot frequently meet each other as Jarvis resides in London, whereas Lynch is from Los Angeles. So now they are enjoying this rare chance for them.

While addressing the media, Lynch reveals that the five-year long shooting schedule, for the massive “Harry Potter” franchise has left a deep impression upon her career as well as her life. When asked about working with Jarvis, Lynch explained  thatthey both were portraying characters from different generations and so did not have a chance to meet.

She still relishes the memories of the boy-wizard movie and admits she slipped into depression at the end of the series. Jarvis also nods to the factor of having “post-show blues” as “Harry Potter” movies finished. According to her, the memories are so enticing that they can talk for ten years about it. Lynch remained an avid admirer of the J.K. Rowling series and was keen about every single obscure detail before she got a role on the screen. But now, as she admit,s a revise of this knowledge is needed before they meet the enthusiastic fans.

The fans may wonder about the fact that Potter’s onscreen dad is seeing Harry’s schoolmate but hold on folks, they have a life too beyond the wizard’s horizon.

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