Harry Potter Spinoff To Cast The Popular Comic Superhero The Flash.

By Anwesha Bose | 2 years ago
Harry Potter Spinoff To Cast The Popular Comic Superhero The Flash.
Miller to be cast in “Fantastic Beast”

“Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them” is rumoured to rope in Ezra Miller, who played the famous DC Comic superhero in the Warner Bros movie as the Flash. To know more read on.

The much anticipated movie, “Fantastic Beast And Where To find Them” has been making the news for its star castings. It has been officially reported that the Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne, is to be seen in David Yates latest as the main lead. The lead Newt Scamander will be a “magizoologist”, who would be in search of magical beasts throughout the world. “The Theory Of Everything” star has been confirmed by Warner Brothers. CinemaBlend reported.

Another casting rumour is making the round is that of Ezra Miller aka The Flash. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” star Ezra Miller has been roped in for a character called Kredan. Sources confirm that the role is of utmost importance in the film, in fact the character can be termed as the deciding factor in the plot of the movie. Miller is in early talks to join the JK Rowling Franchise. The “Harry Potter “spinoff has created over enthusiasms among people of the entertainment world and the audiences, it is scheduled to hit the theatres on November 18th, 2016. IGN cited.

The character of Kredan played by Miller, is a man with magical powers who would cross paths with the lead character in the “Fantastic Beast”.

This prequel which will be a trilogy had also roped in many other acting personas like, Kate Upton, Dakota Fanning, Saoirse Ronan to name a few for many potential roles.

The enthusiasm and excitement is unfathomable among fans and followers. This movie would definitely create a happy union for the Harry Potter fans and the fans of the DC Comic superhero The Flash. We can only wait for the magic to begin.

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